Thursday, October 22, 2009

Releasing Our Faith Part 2

Joyce Meyer was on fire this morning, as usual. Has that woman ever preached a yawner? I don't think so. I found it more than a coincidence that yesterday Wendy Blight (I love her book & her blog!!) and I did a post on what we speak. BTW, Wendy did a different take on it that was awesome & as always she gave very helpful ways to help us change how we speak. My take was on using what we speak to release our faith. Well, I tune into Joyce this AM & guess what she was preaching on? Releasing your faith, yeah uh huh. But her take at the end was an additional helpful thing to remember.

I would say it was a huge thing to remember for us all.

Joyce was saying that we do need to release our faith just like we talked about yesterday. But, she also said that we can release it all we want but if we do not have a "love walk" it won't do us any good. In fact, not much of what we do will have the results we are desiring if we are not walking in love.

Now, walking in love is not taught nearly enough. I would imagine you could poll every person in your church what it means to walk in love and the results would be all over the board. Why is that? We just use the term "walking in love" as a vague term. Do unto others rule and such. Americans don't seem to do very well with vague words. We need to be told with an exactness, do we not?

We think we are a good person so we must be walking in love. Wrong. Walking in love also would refer to how we conduct ourselves in our home, squirming in my seat. I have been very snappy with my kids this week, they have been quite disrespectful to me and each other this week & I am just about done with it. So I have been snappy and when Joyce started talking about how not having a love walk will basically neutralize releasing our faith the conviction fell all over me. Hate that but thank God for it!! No more snapping for me. I think my hormones are a little out of whack 'cause even my hubby was asking me if I was okay. Yep, I have been snappy this week. Sometimes stay at home moms just need there to be no kids in the house..... not that I am sick of my kids, but I am sick of listening to my kids. All this to say that I have to admit, my love walk has stunk some because of my tone of voice and sharp words. Excuses why don't matter, I have been wrong & I believe God let me know it. Normally, I never come down at the time I did & I always turn it to CNN. This morning I felt like I should go downstairs early & I scanned the channels & wanted to see what was on the 35 to 30 channels. Why? No clue. I always go to CNN. On channel 30, there was my Joyce. A divine appointment perhaps? Remember, our God is such a personal God. He cares for us so individually and he will absolutely make a way for us to hear/see what we need. If you need a homecoming dress for your kid God will absolutely direct you to the clearance rack at Macy's only to find the most gorgeous dress for $8.

Do you like our $8 dress? We went out shopping even though we had no $$. I just said God will help us find a deal, (note I said it?) and look what God did. I was also in a time of seeking God in ways I never had before & focusing mainly on walking in love. So, my love walk was in line with God's word, I had faith and released it and for something which in this economy is maybe trivial, God provided.

Why use the dress for an example? Because it may seem small to some people although it was huge for us at that time, if God cares about even our most minimal desires then how much more will God care and provide for our large ones? I want to use the dress example to remind you to keep God in every circumstance. How many times has something happened & way into the situation we realize that we haven't even prayed about it? God doesn't check out when we go to the mall ladies to supply our children with what they need. Yes, even that small thing. Imagine what could happen to our marriages if we would release our faith & God into those marriages!

Joyce is so right, whatever we are doing, if we are out of line in our life with walking in love we may not see the results the Bible tells us we should. Unforgiveness the bible tells us will keep us in the dark & cause us to stumble also. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

I just thought I should add that in, y'all.



Andrea said...

AMEN. Love Joyce Meyer.

Love your $8 dress. Thanks for joining to follow arise 2 write. I look forward to getting to know you.

Blessings, andrea

Heart2Heart said...


I guess we could all benefit a little more about asking God into our day to day dealings. Just because we don't see Him doesn't mean that He isn't there.

Well said.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

What a great reminder - that God cares even about the little details of our life. And what a beautiful dress - and young lady!