Monday, October 12, 2009

A Thankful Heart

As I write this I am sick with a head cold, Brandon has the flu and Braxton does not understand what "sick" means and wants us to play with him. He is very frustrated by our lack of desire to play, poor thing. Yesterday I woke up at 6am feeling like a cold was coming on and I did not want to get up out of bed to go to church at all. But, I had no choice.

Yesterday was Workers Appreciation Day at church and I was asked to teach the 5 to 8 year old class so the regular worker could have the day off. So really, I had no choice but to go and I quickly just asked God to get me through church "unsick" so I would not infect anyone there. It was really neat how God answered that prayer. As my daughter drove us to church (the rest of the family stayed home, Mike stayed with a flu ridden Brandon) I started really feeling it coming on. As we sat in the church during praise & worship I really started feeling poorly and my eyes began to water. Children's church does not start until the singing is over so I just prayed to God to get me through that 35 to 45 minutes unsick. I washed my hands real good during the last song so I would be germ free & tried not to touch anything that touched the kids. Not easy, but it went fine and God bless children's church workers 'cause that is so not my thing, like EVER.

As soon as church was over I went downhill immediately and by the time we got home I was full blown sick. It was as though God just held it all back until I had fulfilled my duties to the church and then I could be sick. Funny huh? I was really frustrated last night that I go through sickly periods where it just seems that I cannot be well for more than a week. It is so hard on my family when I am sick or in bed with yet another head and neck thing (long story). I seem to have these seasons of sickness. But, instead of choosing to feel down in the dumps I am choosing to be thankful instead. I am thankful that it is only a head cold and will be gone by tomorrow. I am thankful that I had a bunch of fresh veggies in the fridge and roast already thawed so I could make a crock pot meal for dinner. Thankful that the crock pot is full of vitamin packed veggies that we need. Thankful that I am sick in my home and not sick and homeless. I have spent the last hour or so just being thankful before God. I wish he would just make me well, these last four weeks have been so difficult for me being down with a broken foot and all. I want to get up and do so many things and yet I can't. So, I will just choose to be thankful for where I am.

I was excited this morning "in my thankful attitude" to go over to to Lysa TerKeurst's blog and see that she has a link up to watch her 37 min. video on the most powerful two word prayer. I watched it of course and it blessed my soul! I think I need to put this link up on my favorites and watch it over and over.

As I am typing Braxton has just pulled off his diaper and is running around the living room yelling "naked" and "wiener" laughing wildly. He thinks this is perfectly normal behavior! Brandon is running from him with his head in his hands. I guess I need to get up and diaper my boy who refuses to potty train. He will be 3 next month! But, I refuse to get upset. At least I can get up off my tail and diaper my child. A thankful heart, boy God sure has done a work in me and for that, how can I be anything but grateful?

Have a wonderful and well day guys,



Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

Reed and Braxton sound very much alike LOL! We haven't approched potty learning yet with Reed (waiting until he's 3 in January), but I have a feeling it won't be easy.

Hope everyone feels better soon!

Charlotte said...

Hi Jen,

So sorry to hear your under the weather. And rainy days and Mondays like the song says can get up down. I hope you feel better soon.

Heart2Heart said...


What a great attitude to have in the midst of not feeling well and having everyone else around you feeling ill. Here is hoping that God will bless your thankful heart and get you well sooner than you expect.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tasha Simons said...

Hope you feel better soon, Jenn. I'll be praying for you.