Monday, November 30, 2009


I noticed some things this weekend that really bothered me concerning intolerance. It was two fold in it it's intolerance. First I noticed this past weekend a surge of intolerance towards Christians. Second I noticed an intolerance of the haves towards the have nots and in that respect I do not mean money singularly.

Intolerance was at it's peak last night and this morning on my home page on Facebook. Goodness, people can be so mean.

Last night on FB was Christian bashing at it's best. Probably provoked by a posting of a poll on Christianity and the Christian bashing ensued. I laughed so hard when one of my old schoolmates said we were the intolerant ones and on self serving power trips. We are thirsty for power and control over others that do not agree with us fellow Christians. I wanted to tell him, um, it's the opposite dude. If we Christians were so power hungry we would still have prayer in schools, the 10 commandments would not be taken down from courthouses, our TV's would not be filled with filth. My husband can easily see 5 ladies half naked or in their bra and panties a day, way more than he sees his own wife in that condition. Yeah, Christians are so power hungry. What is he even talking about? If we were so power hungry we would be fighting more for an improved moral condition and to be strong in our faith instead of cowering because the other side yells intolerance and narrow mindedness. Yes, we are narrow minded, we are on the narrow road my pastor always says with a laugh. Too funny. I noticed it on the TV too, must be the holidays that make some get angry at God and Christians.

In my neck of the woods and on FB I also noticed a spike of intolerance towards anyone who was not living in "Happyville" or "My Life is Perfect Town". It was pretty comical on FB because of the month of thanks posts people were supposed to do in saying what they were thankful for. What a riot, half the time they would post what they were thankful for and then bash those who should also be thankful for that but aren't or chastised those who were upset and not joyful at each moment for their life and such. It was like every time I logged on I was met with "I am so thankful for.............. it's just too bad some other people can't appreciate .......... in their lives too." for example. Of course all these posters had no financial problems and have happy relationships with their spouses and their kids were all fine and dandy at that moment. So, I guess because they are in living in "Happytown" the rest of the world should be too? Fact is, the holidays can be a very difficult time for families. Considering the unemployment rate is in double digits and with Christmas looming finances are a HUGE stressor for families right now. Money also creates stress in marriages, fear of job losses or not finding a job creates even more stress. I would think those who have at the moment would be more compassionate of those who don't. I have noticed a great deal of intolerance when people try to talk to someone about their troubles and they are met with "well you just need to give it to God and be thankful for what you have!" and I have been horrified each time I hear this or hear about it. A few times I have just ushered the person chastised out of the room and I let them pour out their misery and tried to be actually helpful to them.

I would hope that if we are happy and doing fine we would not be telling those who are not to stop being ungrateful and get over themselves. Sometimes life is rough, sometimes it makes us weary. Look at the old hymnals..... such as I'll Fly Away..... "someday when this weary life is o-ver, I'll fly a-way." Jesus spoke about how many troubles life had too, sometimes life is troubling and to be troubled is hard enough. To be troubled and not have anyone to share your burdens with is even harder, sharing them and being met with intolerance is unbearable. Believe me, I know all about that.

I like the parable I read this morning about the good Samaritan. The traveler was beat up and left half dead in the street. Two oh so holy followers of God passed the guy by, it was the Samaritan who helped the poor guy out. My fellow Christians, I ask you not to judge those crying out for help or voicing their frustrations & PLEASE do not ignore those people. They are laying half dead in the street right in front of you, do you pretend you do not see the mess in front of you and skirt around that person? Or do we get our hands messy and stop to save a life. To give a hope, to comfort as we have been comforted. To bless as we have been blessed. To love, as we have been loved.

I guess that's all I had to say about that.



Love Abounds At Home said...

I agree with you. I've reconnected with some of my friends from high school on FB. I became a Christian at 16 and some are shocked that I'm still serving God. They thought it was a fad. What really trips them out is when they find out that I'm so conservative in my political beliefs as well.
I never bash them for their beliefs, but no ones asking me if I coming to the reunion next Spring! Lol!

Andrea said...

Facebook can be an interesting place. A few months ago, a friend who found me then defriended me b/c i posted bible verses on my page. Maybe she should have thought about that when she friended me.
Blessings and hugs,

Charlotte said...

Hi Jen-I've been sick this week and so I'm just now catching on on reading posts. You go girl and keep up the good fight.