Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Going To The Mountains

I had a really neat moment with Braxton the other week. He was riding his little toy around the bottom of the driveway and having a great time. It is nice and flat at the bottom and he is able to easily navigate where he wants to go with no help from anyone.

With my back turned to him I began to hear him grunt. He then in his most frustrated voice yells "I can't get up this mountain!" He then asks for my help. I laughed because he called our driveway a mountain, that seemed so silly to me. A mountain? It isn't even that steep. Laughing as I walked over to push him "up the mountain" I decided to get down on his level & look up the driveway.

Sure enough, from the standpoint of a almost 3 year old, that driveway may as well have been a mountain. He was right, for him it was a mountain. For me it was a mildly steep driveway, piece of cake. It was then the scripture hit me about Jesus talking to the disciples about having faith the size of a mustard seed and if they ask a mountain to move it shall be moved.

How many times have I seen a mountain in my life & because it was so impossible for me, well.... you know where I am going with this. What may be a monumental mountain that we could never climb could just be a bump in the road for God. It is a piece of cake for him & he must just shake his head and laugh sometimes at how we cry out, like Braxton did, at the mountain in front of us.

It was my pleasure to come to Braxton's aid and help him up the mountain. He smiled and thanked me. Surely God feels the same joy when his children call out to him and ask for the help from their Abba Father.

It was a nice moment, a moment of reflection and a gentle reminder of how big our God is. Nothing is too hard for God, nothing is to difficult for Him. What comfort in knowing He is on our side, He is our way maker. I need only to call out to my Daddy.



Love Abounds At Home said...

Ok where's the kleenex! That was beautiful and so true. Thanks for sharing :)

Heart2Heart said...


This is such a great reminder that with faith in God, even mountains can be easy to deal with.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

What an awesome word picture about moving mountains with God's help and with helping others up their mountains! We can sure learn so much from the innocence of children. I just loved your story re: your 3 yr old. Recently I spent time with my 3 yr old granddaughter (lives 7 hrs away from me) and I just wrote about her excitement for life and how it rubbed off on me.

Enjoying your posts!

Lee Ann

lisasmith said...

What a beautiful analogy...maybe we would learn more if we would just get down on our children's level more :) I love the bigness of the mountain is all based on perspective.

Lord, give me your perspective!