Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Can't Give Up

Recently I was having a conversation with the man about someone who has just given up on life. This person has had to endure cancer, a job loss resulting from the cancer, loss of health insurance resulting from the job loss, loss of home due to the job loss, had to file bankruptcy due to all of it, etc etc. They have had it pretty bad and basically have given up on life as most of us know it. My man calls him a gypsy now, it's his funny way of not getting aggravated at someone he loves so he calls him a gypsy. He travels around in a camper and works at the campsites for free rent and all the utilities there & also for a small pay check to buy food. A very meager means of survival at best and he & his wife travel from town to town now and go where the wind blows. Sometimes that sounds kinda nice to me. So I said well, I guess with all that has happened he has just given up.

My statement made the man a little mad and he said well we have had to endure basically the same exact stuff they did & we didn't just give up, why does he just get to give up? I knew the answer instantly "Because we have our faith." I said. Our faith does not allow us the luxury to give up. Nope, it sure does not. Our faith tells us not to flee not to fear, not to run. Our faith tells us to hold strong in the Lord, to cling to him in our storms of life. Faith in God does not come with the luxury of giving up on life because our faith always has hope. After all, what does the Bible say faith is?

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

By faith we stand. By faith we live. By faith we endure.

Sometimes life chokes us to the point where we just want to run to our beds, throw the covers over us and just cry our little eyes out. But our faith does not allow us to stay in the bed does it?

Faith aways births hope and in that hope we have a promise of things we cannot even fathom. Sometimes we just need to be still and live day by day, each day giving ourselves to him and all the baggage that comes with us. Sometimes it is too much to bear to even think about what tomorrow will bring. Jesus promises us rest if we will just take his yoke upon us and let him live in us. His yoke is His will, the work He has for us. So those of us who have this hope have no choice really than to just cast our cares upon the name of Jesus. To throw ourselves at the mercy seat and take the yoke of Jesus and let him live through us. What a beautiful promise we have in Him.

I have some sick kiddies so I am sorry if I do not get around to the blogs I normally do. I just dropped by yesterday and today for a quick post as it is my "therapy" ha ha. OH!! And my mommy is so sick to so would you please pray for her? She has pneumonia again & her heart is not strong enough to pump out the fluids. She is on oxygen and some meds but they may have to put a needle in her lung and draw it out. Due to her numerous medical issues this is a HUGE event for her as it has been done in the past. This is very dangerous to her health so I would really appreciate your prayers. I just came home from grocery shopping for them and she was looking better today but still very very sick and weak. Thank you so much for your prayers for her!!



Tasha Simons said...

I'm so sorry about your Mom being sick and your having sick kids to boot! You are so strong, Jenny. I truly admire your perseverance. You're amazing! Love you, Tasha

Wylie said...

Thank you for the good word here. Praying right now for your sick ones & your mom!

Andrea said...

You have a blog award at arise 2 write.