Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who Is Jesus?

Along my continual journey as a Christian I have had one question that has never been answered. Who is Jesus? I honestly have to say that I am confused here, no really.

I have tried to bring up this subject for discussion as I would really love to know scripturaly who Jesus is, specifically is Jesus the Son of God as an actual separate being or is Jesus God. The problem is that this subject puts people in a tizzy. I really want to know, honestly I do.

Some people say Jesus was God in the flesh. Okay, but enquiring minds want to know who was Jesus praying to if he was God? Who was Jesus talking to on the cross then if he was God? Why was Jesus asking God to take the cup from him of having to go through the torture that night in Gethsemane? How can Jesus be sitting on the right of God (like the Bible says) if he actually is God? (How can God sit next to himself?) Upon being asked when the world would end so to speak Jesus said only the Father knows, if he was God wouldn't he know? If Jesus was God himself.... And that is where I lose the Jesus was God in the flesh people. They can't answer those questions, at least those that I personally have spoken to.

Then there are the Jesus was God in the flesh but since God is Omnipresent and can be in all places at once since time does not exist in Heaven and God can slip in and out of time as He pleases, God became flesh but also existed in Heaven at the same time and his flesh self had no "heavenly" powers except what his God self allowed him to have while he was watching himself from heaven. Yes, a run on sentence if you have ever seen one. I have heard that only a few times. Is that a valid theory? I don't know...... that's why I am asking.

Then there is the Jesus is the Son of God, a literal separate person fully related to God but not God himself. You know, God's own actual Son. Sitting right next to God in Heaven. As in there are two throne chairs with two beings sitting on them. One being God and one being Jesus.

I always get confused by this. The Bible also says that man is the head of woman, Christ is the head of man and God is the head of Christ. All over the place it shows Christ as a separate being but as I like to call it, fully related, created by and a part of God but not God himself. Then when I hear preachers preach all the time they say Jesus was God in the flesh, he was fully God. Okay, help me here. How can that be? Does it say anyplace in scripture that God and Jesus are the exact same person? And if that is so....... how does that answer the first questions I pondered.

I have always considered God and Jesus to be separate beings. I always envisioned God taking a part of "who God is" and putting that into flesh so to speak in Mary's womb so that it was like Jesus had God's DNA shall we say but that he was separate spiritually from God as in a complete separate being.

Lately I have heard Jesus is God A LOT. Frankly, I am afraid to even bring it up anymore as people look at me like I am a monster when I bring it up. I can see it in their expressions "What? You don't know who JESUS IS?, What a FREAK!" Which brings me to another annoyance, can't a brother or sister just ask a question and be helped without someone judging them? Good grief.

So, I want to know if anyone truly knows who Jesus is. It really bothers me that I do not know or maybe I do know because what I think is right? Now I confuse myself. Some people pray to Jesus too. Are we supposed to pray to Jesus? I only pray to God. Is that wrong? Should we pray to both? Jesus never said we should pray to him after he went to be with the Father did he? I don't remember him saying that or is it just a given that since Jesus is our Savior that we should pray to him also? These things really bother me.

Now y'all, you know I always have to be honest here. I just hate it when people pretend they are at a place where they just know it all. I truly believe that if I studied the Bible every single day (as I mostly do) that when I am a hundred and five years old I would still be learning. Hence my screen name, Still Learning. I believe that I will always "still be learning" so this is why I am just frankly not scared of admitting that I do not know something this crucial for certain. I already spoke my position on who Jesus was.

I am looking for some help here, not wanting to argue anybodies position so if you comment something I will fully study it and look at it as help and not an opportunity to argue with you and please, nobody else argue either okay? I think a lot of people are confused about who Jesus is. Who do you think Jesus is? Who do you pray to? Can I ask why you think these things or have scriptures that I can study?

I would love closure on this subject. This is an excellent article on the subject but um, I am still VERY CONFUSED by it at the same time. Still don't know....... I highly recommend reading this article though.

Controversial as always,



Heart2Heart said...


Me too! and so glad that you brought this subject up. I can only offer you the answer that has made me comfortable and that is the Orange theory.

An orange has three parts, the peel, the fruit and the seed, but when you describe all three they are an Orange, not orange parts.

They are three different things that each make up an orange much like God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are the peel, the fruit and the seed but when rolled all together they are God. Like an Orange. Does this help?

Can't wait to see what other insight you get.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Still Learning said...

Wow Kat, I have never heard of the orange theory. But, I think I really like it! I need some time to digest it.
All three parts are physically/spiritually real, can be separated and even though they may be seperated it does not make them any less a part of an orange. Hmmmmm, ACK!!!! This is a lot to ponder and study.

Thank you so much for your input on this. It really drives me nuts that I don't honestly have the ability to say I know who Jesus is and how I should relate to him as in prayer and such. I just always pray to God and talk to God but I see people talking and praying to Jesus too and I am wondering if I am missing something here.

Thanks!! I will be pondering long on this one :)

Deborah Ann said...

I like the orange analogy.

I get a little confused sometimes too. When I pray, I wonder if I should direct my requests to God or Jesus. I know we're instructed to pray 'in Jesus name', because He is the bridge between us and God, but does that mean I can only talk to God in Jesus Name, or can I actually talk to Jesus directly?

Anyhoo..the way I understand it is, Jesus is God's Son. God always had Jesus as a son, but in order to reach us, He sent Jesus here as a human, to reach the other humans.

Great discussion, I'm interested to read other's opinions...

Still Learning said...

Yes, Deborah that was alwasy my personal understanding too but still I always hear Jesus was God in the flesh and lately I hear it constantly. Last week I heard someone say if you do not worship Jesus as God himself you may not be saved. I'll bet that freaked a lot of people out inside. I am always wondering if I should be talking to and praying to Jesus too. I am so glad you commented.