Friday, May 28, 2010

BIG Weekend & Great News

Look what I found today....That was 3 years ago when Braxy was a baby :) Mike has hat hair ha ha.

Exciting news!!! Our Pastor called and Mike and I start leading the new Junior Ministry this Wednesday! YAY!!!! I am so excited. I am really looking forward to this new adventure. I am also looking into getting a Bachelors degree in ministry. I've always wanted to do that and now that Braxton is old enough to fend for himself I think I can do it. I call it ministry but I can't for the life of me remember what it is really called. It's not theology....heck, I'm old. I can't remember poo.

Yesterday while driving around doing the Census I pulled into a vacant home to make a phone call. They put me on hold and after waiting a few minutes I decide I'll check my emails. So I dig all around for my phone and after atleast 3 minutes of looking I get really frustrated because I can't find my phone and I know I just had it in my hands. Yeah, um.... that's when I realized my phone was cradled between my ear and my shoulder and I was still on hold. That's not a good sign, lol.

As far as I know I am still leading the ladies Bible Study? Nobody has said anything about removing me from that position. I do it every other Thursday, I hope they let me keep doing it. I just posted my teaching notes from our study last night and oh my, was it a great study. The Lord was workin it. Everyone was taking lots of notes which always excites me. They really seemed interested and excited about the homework too. The homework was for them to take the printed scriptures that say who we are in Christ and they are to say them out loud every single day for the two weeks until we meet again. They are also supposed to stay aware of their thought patterns concerning themselves and what they catch themselves saying and thinking about themselves. Then next time we will discuss the changes that should be taking place in their thought patterns concerning how they view themselves and how they approached any situations that they may have spoken these scriptures into the situation instead of dealing with life's blows in their earthly identity. Sounds more complicated on the blog, I think I spoke it better. Then we will dive into the Image of Woman in Christ. I'll tell you what, that image sure doesn't look like Desperate Housewives, that's fer sure. (I hate that show!)

Lexie graduates tomorrow, I am so super excited for my baby. I can't belive I am old enough to have a kid graduating high school. UGH. We went to Best Buy today and bought her a new sound system for her car. It has a huge box with big speakers that go in her trunk. It sounded so good in the store when we were listening to it, I was jealous. I want one for my car. The song "Heartbreaker" was on and I forgot myself and danced in the store. It's okay, they will never see me again. I am always embarrassing my husband like that :) You only live once.....

Can't wait for tomorrow. BTW, can you believe she has FOUR boys/men after her now? We were laughing about that today. She said she can't make up her mind what to do. I said enjoy it girl. Happy she isn't so sad anymore about her boyfriend breaking up with her. What an exciting time in her life. Anything is possible.

Have a great weekend!!


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