Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling God's Presence

What a cutie he is! Brandon is my bud.

I had an interesting day with the Lord yesterday. I swear I could just feel His presence all around me all day. Loved it. It's funny because I prayed in the morning for his grace and favor as I went out into the neighborhoods to do my Census work because I had more to accomplish than I could possibly do. When I prayed I said "Lord, you'll have to be with me if I am going to get all this done today. I'm going to need your favor if you don't mind." WOW. Boy did he give it to me. Together we got it done.

As things started to go unusually well for me early on I just smiled and I said "Lord is that you?" and then I laughed. He was mighty nice to follow me all around Ball Ground yesterday and give me His favor. People were particularly eager and nice to me yesterday. I would be at one house and the lady would say do you need to do my neighbor? I would say yes and she'd say "Well let me call her up so she knows to answer the door for you." Okay, that's never happened before. I was out in the woods so y'all I really appreciated that. Sometimes I go down gravel roads and I get a little scared. Ball Ground call get pretty remote and the people a bit country ha ha. One guy saw me coming and took his four wheeler out and said if I wanted to talk to him I'd have to come out back and sit a spell first. I love these people! What a great time I have had getting to know my community.

Another lady insisted I sit for awhile outside with her on her yard swing and we talked about everything under the sun and I still got all my work done. She was the most generous and perfect Southern hostess. I really liked her. I also really like how the ones who want to chat with me for awhile always invite me to visit their church. There is just something wonderful about southerners. I was born and raised in Miami and moved here in 1992 but to southerners that still makes me a Yankee. Miami is full of Yankees so even though my hometown was about as South as you can get I'm about as Northern as you can get to a true southerner. Yes, there is still much debate here in Georgia over Yankees and Rebels. Which, I have to say I hate that stupid Rebel flag and why do people have that dumb thing in their truck window I have no idea.

I was thinking how fantastic yesterday was as I went about my day feeling God's presence and expecting Him. It was really nice. Jesus said we are to abide in Him. Abide means to remain in a fixed state. Sometimes the definition is better than the word. I am to stay fixed on Jesus and when I do He sure does not disappoint. Hmmm, I wish life wasn't so complicated that I could just live that daily. Sometimes I'd just like to sell everything and move to Montana and live off the land. No TV, just a radio and beautiful scenery and plenty of time to enjoy people. That sounds nice to me. We muck everything up with all our stuff and our wants don't we?

Well, I have to go work now. Working from home mostly but working still. I am hoping to catch up on my blog reading tonight or this weekend for sure. I have a funny post to write about for Monday that cracks me up every time I think about it. I hope you come back to ready it :) It should be a good laugh but a learning experience too.

I just want to encourage anyone reading this to remain fixed on Jesus today and every day. It is through this fixed connection that we receive what He has to give us. We can't hear if we aren't listening. We can't see if we aren't looking. We can't give what we clench and we can't receive if we aren't open to Him. I sure do love my Lord!!

Love y'all too!!!!



Andrea said...

What beautiful blessings you have shared with us, today of HIS faithfulness in your life.
Hugs and prayers,

Heart2Heart said...


I love it when days come together like yours did. How wonderful to live where people don't look at you sideways and with suspicions. What a blessing God provided every step of the way, you were planting seeds along with meeting friends.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat