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Who We Are In Christ Part 1 of 2

Tonight was our ladies Bible study group night that I teach. Man, was it awesome!!! I really felt the Holy Spirit working in me as I was speaking. I can't tell you what an incredible feeling that is. Oh man, I LOVE it! I don't have time to write a nice post on what we talked about tonight....I want to do it later but I have to go around doing Census work tomorrow and Saturday my oldest daughter graduates High School. I have a big 2 days coming up. I am going to take lots of pictures. It should be exciting. I will have to take a picture or two of my ex husband so you can see the big dork, I mean Lexie's dad. Ha ha, I'm just kidding, maybe.

I thought I'd post my teaching notes and the scriptures that say who we are in Christ in a link otherwise this post would be a mile long. Please can I encourage you to print off the scriptures from the link I post? Please know who you are in Christ, it is amazing. Well, here's my teaching notes. Hope you enjoy! A Joyce Meyer Study and a little Jennifer Walker thrown in. It's all mixed.

Part 1 of 2 (Who we are in Christ.)

Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.- We must renew our minds, develop new thoughts, according to God’s truth so we can fulfill His plan for our lives. (tapping into God’s truth about who we are in Christ)

Who are you? Where is your identity rooted? In what you do? If I asked you who you were what would you tell me? (pause) Think about the first thing that comes to mind, is that truly who you are? Now, let's take this a bit further....let's exclude your marital status, parental status, occupation, & hobbies and only look at your Christian life. In your Christian life only if I asked you who you were what you tell me? I'm asking...."As a Christian, who are you?" (pause) Hopefully the first thing you thought of was something God has done for you and not something you do for God. Ex: I am saved by faith through Jesus Christ, I am redeemed and forgiven. Those are the first 3 things I personally thought of when thinking of who I am in my Christian identity.

Our actions define what we do, not who we are. (Ex. The Queen of England comes to America and the customs officer asks who she is, not what can she do. She is the Queen of England because that is her birthright, she has a royal lineage that can never be taken away from her. When we became saved we too became co heirs with Christ and have a blood bought royal lineage that can never be taken away.)

“As a believer, one of the most important realities for you to understand is who you are in Christ.” -Joyce Meyer

What does “Who you are in Christ” mean?
Being in Christ is not about what you do, but who you are.
It’s not about how you view yourself, but about how God views you.
It’s not about your activity; it’s about your identity.
It’s about what you believe. -Joyce Meyer

The best way to evaluate ourselves is to know that what we do well is a gift from God and that what we don’t do well is not a problem. We are each little parts of the greater whole and we should work together with our parts with diligence and excellence, not wishing we could do what He has assigned someone else. Finding the freedom to be ourselves is a major victory that releases amazing joy. Knowing who we are in Christ gives us the confidence to move past the mistakes of the past and embrace the future with expectancy. -Joyce Meyer

Speaking badly about yourself or someone else does not reflect the truth of God’s Word or align with the way He thinks about us, and it will keep us trapped in ways of living that are far less enjoyable, less fruitful, and less powerful than He desires for us. -Joyce Meyer

When we know who we are in Christ, our freedom and confidence will soar. Being rooted in our identity in Him will keep us from the fear of failure, from excessively trying to please other people, and from being caught in the cycle of trying to perform so others will accept us. It will also enable us to stay strong and steady when adversity comes. -Joyce Meyer

Not knowing who you are in Christ can allow devastation by difficulties, failures, making mistakes, or the opinions of other people. -Joyce Meyer

We must begin to agree with God about who we are as His children. We all know our actions are supposed to line up with God’s Word. Do we not realize that we should align our identity also within God’s Holy Word? Think about that for a minute. Do I believe I am what God’s Word says I am?

God is always looking at our heart. The heart’s intention, desires, purity, these are what God is interested in. God is not looking for “a sharp dressed man”.

The things we do should be rooted in a heart of love and a want to serve. The things we do, should not be what gives us our value or worth. What we are and what we do are two separate things.

(take a $5 bill out, anyone reading this please picture a $5 bill, okay?) This is a $5 bill. If I throw it on the floor is it still worth $5? (Throw it on the floor) If I toss it in the mud & step on it so that it is covered in muck is it still worth $5? What if I throw this $5 into a toilet full of urine and feces, that's pretty it still worth $5? I can wash it off and it's still $5. What if I lay it down and cover it with meth? Is it still worth $5? What if I pour cocaine over it? Still worth $5? Are you sure??? It's not lost any value? What if I pour a whole bottle of Jack Daniels over it? Is it still worth $5? So this $5 bill can roll in the mud, be stepped on, cover itself with urine and feces, cover up in drugs and alcohol and it's still worth the same $5 when it was fresh and clean? ........Let me ask you then if this simple piece of paper can retain it's value even after all the disgusting things it has gone through then how can you, a child of God, who are worth more than a piece of paper not think that you can retain your value and be worth every bit as much to God as the very moment you were born into His kingdom? If a piece of paper can keep it's value, how much more a child of God? You are who you are because you have been born again into it and there is nothing you can do to change your identity.

“When you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, He made you righteous in the eyes of God. That does not mean you do everything right, but it does mean you can press toward better behavior every day of your life and in Him. When you received Jesus as Lord and Savior, you were made a new creature. Everything about your old self passed away from God’s perspective. Receiving Him made you new, clean, and right with God. You received a new heart, a new future, the fruit of the Holy Spirit; you were filled with new possibilities and much more. This means you have a legal right to feel good about yourself. Experientially, you are moving toward the manifestation of your “legal” position in Christ every day, and for the rest of your life, the Holy Spirit will be working with you to work out through you what He has done in you. Your job is to cooperate with Him by yielding to His guidance in your life and by believing what God says about you in His Word. -Joyce Meyer

We are not likely to experience the promises of God if we do not believe them. To really know who you are and walk in the freedom and power of your identity in Christ, your beliefs must align with the truth of His Word. -Joyce Meyer

All the scriptures that say WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST in statement form are HERE. PLEASE click on this link to see them, print them and read them aloud so you can walk in your true identity.

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