Thursday, June 24, 2010

Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl....Let The Study Begin!

Yesterday I took a Total Body Conditioning class at the Y and I am so stinkin sore today I can barely make myself move. We not only did walking lunges which are the worst of the worst but after we did the walking lunge we had to do a huge hop and end up in a squat. Oh my aching thighs. We did things I have never seen before! And, oh my. We did something with hand weights that have my sides absolutely so sore but if you have any kind of fat on your sides, you know the fat that will hang over the side of your bra, this move will certainly take care of THAT problem. OY VEY. It hurts but it is a great kind of hurt. I am highly encouraged and feeling energized. Although I have to teach a ladies bible study class tonight and I just may have to do it laying down ha ha.

I am so so so super excited to begin leading this class tonight.

Lysa TerKeurst's DVD study on "Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl". I watched all six sessions yesterday and oh my were they powerful! I feel so inspired, convicted, encouraged, blessed and I even had a fantastic revelation concerning my marriage when I watched them. Oh my. I just love Lysa so much, she is my spiritual mentor. I can't wait to go through this study with the ladies from church and I just pray they receive from the study like I have. I really enjoyed the book she wrote too but oh my there was something about listening to her talk during the teaching sessions that shook me. I really felt the Lord speaking things to me! We have just finished a study on "Who We Are In Christ" and "The Image of Woman in Christ" and after the last class I just didn't want to speak at all. Long story. I really just felt like we should do this study and I just went out and bought it. I thought I was doing this on my own....with no direction from the Holy Spirit like I always wait for to do our studies....but I can see now that my feeling like we should do this study was God all along. Oh, there could not in the entire world be a study more wonderful to follow the 2 we just did on who we are in Christ than this study by Lysa. Thank you Lord, you just always manage to do that don't you? God is so present in this......I tear up just thinking about the amazing things He is going to do in and through us with this study!!!!! I just love my Lord so much!!!!! I can't wait for tonight!

Edited in: The study went great! All the ladies really seemed to enjoy it and take it in. They were very open to discuss the "if only's" in their lives and I also discussed mine. We had a nice time encouraging each other and brainstorming ways to help each other. I felt like it went over really well and was a blessing to the women who came. I always like to leave feeling like the study for the night was well worth their time. Tonight I definitely felt like it was which was great considering how excited I get about anything that Lysa TerKeurst does :) She is the bomb digety!



Tasha Simons said...

I hope you have a wonderful study tonight! Who is the guy? I don't remember knowing him although I'm sure he's changed a lot since childhood.

Still Learning said...

Hey, Tasha!!

Do you remember Rodney? That's him! He looks great.