Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Day In The Life

I'm always changing around the front porch. I kind of like this. I like the flowers, I need to plant them though.

Lovin the flower bed on the front walk. Every day Braxton picks me a flower :)

Time to go to work! Look how dusty my van is! I have been down so many dirt roads, lol.

As you can see, I am wildly entertaining to my children. They just can't keep their eyes open ha ha.

Downtown Ball Ground. Yes, downtown. You can laugh, feel free to throw in a snort or two. Hey, I like a small town. We are only 40 minutes from downtown Atlanta. My family says we live in B.F.E.

They don't call it Ball Ground for no good reason! We like to play ball.

After growing up in Homestead, FL a.k.a. deadstead, FL I am still in awe of our pretty views here.

The Ingles in Jasper has the best view EVER!!! I like to pronounce Jasper as if I were a true southern bell and I say Jaaaspur. Love this view at the grocery store. It's going to rain.

Brandon was life flighted from behind the Piggly Wiggly 3 years ago. That was a $10,000 helicopter ride. I watched them fly over my home to take him to the Atlanta Children's hospital after an ATV accident. They were certain his leg was shattered and he needed emergency surgery. Momma prayed, my Lord heals. He didn't need surgery and we took him home 2 days later. Yay God.

My parents eat here every Sunday after church. It's got some good food y'all. Amber goes with them and sits at the counter next to the chief of police. They have a little date every now and then. Too sweet. I love a small town.

Took Brandon for a haircut. Um, he resembles Pony Boy to me don't you think? Ah the Outsiders, a great movie. Not such a good look for a kid in 2010. She cut it right, I think she was having a 50's flashback when she styled it though. Hello Pony Boy. He didn't know what I was talking about. I hate the long hair guys are wearing now. I only let him have the top part longer.

"Braxton where are you going?" That boy keeps me hopping.

Our dog Brownie. I'll bet you can't figure out why we named her Brownie huh. We are just so clever like that ha ha.

And the man comes home :) I have a work shirt like this one now too. I think he needs matching ball caps. He's always wearing the red bulldog one or his Superbowl New Orlean Saints cap. Can you believe he liked the Saints since he was a little boy. What was he thinking? Now he is vindicated since they are Superbowl Champs. What happened to my poor Miami Dolphins? My family always had season tickets to the Dolphins. My first game was a playoff game between Miami and the San Diego Chargers. It went into overtime and it was the most awesome crowd roaring adrenaline pumping experience ever. I was hooked on football after that. I was certain I would marry David Woodley someday and when the Dolphins traded him for Dan Marino I was horrified. Never liked that Marino. How did I get on that? Oh well. Time to go to work :)
My census job is on it's last week. Then I will only have one more week left to verify homes that are listed as vacant and then it's all over. It's been nice to have the extra income! But, it comes to an end sadly. Have a great day!
Love y'all,


The Working Home Keeper said...

Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing! Reminds me of the small town I grew up in. Except we didn't have a view of the mountains. We did have a Piggly Wiggly though - three of them :)

Enjoy your week!

Mary Ellen

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh I love your front porch and door. It looks so beautiful and inviting and the flowers are a plus in adding the welcome feeling.