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The Image of Woman In Christ (Satan's Influence)

I put together this study that I led tonight at church using a study Wendy Blight did and I also did my own partial study and combined Wendy's and mine together. I want to give you the links to what she did because she did an excellent study and I think you would really enjoy reading it and men also if you want to understand women better. I will post the links to Wendy's study at the bottom. Let's start with Wendy's prayer shall we?

“Father, Help me to discover the woman You have created me to be. Father may I know deep in my heart that I am holy, created in Your image, and set apart for Your purpose. Open my eyes to see my true beauty, a beauty that reflects Your heart, Your character, Your strength, and Your dignity.”- Wendy Blight

The Image of Woman in Christ Part 2 (Satan’s Influence on us)

Make this your daily declaration…..- Wendy Blight

I am loved by God I am Holy
Galations 2:20; Ephesians 1:4 Hebrews 10:10, 2 Timothy 2:21

I am Forgiven I am Set Apart
John 3:16; Acts 13:38-39 Jeremiah 1:5

I am a New Creation I am Made with a Purpose
2 Corinthians 5:17 Jeremiah 29:11 Eph 2:10 1 Ptr 4:10

I belong to God I am Protected by God
2 Corinthians 6:16-18 Psalm 28:7; Isaiah 41:10

I am a Temple of the Holy Spirit
1 Corinthians 3:16-17; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

1. We are created in God’s Image. God and God alone is the source of our identity. God and God alone is the one to define us. No one else has that right.Wendy Blight

2. Let’s look at who this beautiful creature called woman is that God so carefully and masterfully created….who the world so easily criticizes and seeks to redefine? Who does God say that she is?
a. First, God’s final creation….His masterpiece…..was a woman! After woman was created, creation was complete. -Wendy Blight

b. When God created woman he wanted an Ezer Kenegdo for man. That is what the original Hebrew text says. Ezer means a strength, a power or to save. Kenegdo means equal to, alongside, counterpart. Counterpart is my favorite definition of kenegdo. Counterpart means:1 : one of two corresponding copies of a legal instrument : duplicate
2 a : a thing that fits another perfectly b : something that completes : complement
3 a : one remarkably similar to another b : one having the same function or characteristics as another. God is our Ezer, our strength, our hope, our power. We are meant to be man's Ezer but yet equal to, alongside also.

God did not create us to be meek and weak. We were created beautiful and given as a bride to Adam, first man. God made Eve desirable to Adam and Satan has pounced on this aspect of God’s masterpiece to divide woman from God and from her true place alongside man.

3. In the Garden of Eden Satan twisted God’s Word. Eve made the grave mistake of conversing with Satan, and his question provided her the opportunity to change and interpret God’s words to her. Eve must not have really knows God’s Word. She did not have it hidden deep in her heart. Perhaps she heard what God said and never took it to heart. Or perhaps God spoke it to Adam and Adam then told Eve, so she never heard it herself. Either way, they were words she heard but did not truly KNOW. They were not etched into her heart and mind. She did not learn them with a heart bent toward obedience. Because she did not truly know God’s word, Satan was able to deceive her.- Wendy Blight

a. We can’t believe Eve was so easily deceived but let’s look at how we ourselves have let Satan deceive us by convincing us that our worth is based upon how we look on the outside. If I don’t look good enough then I’m not good enough. How about that our worth/value is based on works? When we try to earn God’s love and affection through works it leaves us in a cycle of motivation, frustration, deactivation and then rededication. Let’s not look down too harshly on Eve. Might that same cycle listed above be some of the things we do in relationships with men to seek their affection and love? “Oh if I look good enough he will love me, if I do special things for him, he will love me.”Oops, hello Mr. Conviction, nice to see you. You can’t earn God’s love, you already have it. Just because. And if you have to “do” and “look” good enough to get and keep a man’s love that man does not deserve you. You will “do” because you want to out of love, not because you have to. You will want to “look” good because of health reasons, because your body is a holy temple and for a normal sense of well being. Not because you have to look a certain way to get attention or be accepted. If you feel you have to be or look sexy to get men’s attention, that is a serious problem and Satan’s deception has crept in. The right man for you does not need you strutting your stuff for every other man to see. And certainly, a godly man would not want you to while you were dating and after you were married. You are holy.

4. Jesus knew the power and significance of God’s Word because in the wilderness each time Satan tempted Him, He rebuked Satan saying, “It is written,” and then quoted His Father’s Word. Jesus was able to stand firm against every temptation Satan threw at Him because HE KNEW HIS FATHER’S WORD! –Wendy Blight. We need to know what God’s Word says about who we are so that when Satan is whispering all that we are not, we can tell him all that we are and in the name of Jesus to scat!

5. What might Satan have learned from the exchange in the Garden of Eden? First, woman was easily deceived. Secondly, the woman was able to get man to do what he would not have ordinarily done on his own. Thirdly, when the time came to be accountable for his actions, man blames the woman and God for giving her to him. It’s the perfect plan. Deceive women into believing lies contrary to God’s Word. Use them to manipulate men into sin. Separate both man and woman from God by shame, guilt and blame towards each other and God.

6. God creates women of strength and beauty. He creates women with the desire that they will be a powerful (Ezer) influence for His Kingdom in their culture and in their world. Satan plots to destroy that strength (Ezer) and beauty. He wants weak, despairing, fearful women who will shrink back, blend in, and be absorbed by their culture and the world.- Wendy Blight

a. Satan assaults us from every direction. Billboards all across America display perfectly formed, unbelievablely beautiful, half-naked women selling beer, lingerie, jewelry, and sporting events. A plethora of magazine covers appear at every check out counter telling us how to lose weight fast and how to have better sex. We cannot turn on the radio without receiving sexual, sensual images. By looking, watching, listening, and buying we perpetuate these lies. The media wins. They fill our mind with lies and, by doing so, destroy our self esteem, value and worth. In fact, repeated exposure to much of much of what the media feeds over time actually desensitizes, not only us, but this precious generation of young women to what is impure, ungodly, and immoral. Our culture awakens our senses to immorality to the point that we have been taught most of our lives is ungodly and immoral is really now viewed as natural and acceptable. –Wendy Blight

b. There is one solution to this problem. The only long-lasting eternal solution to defeat these lies is for us to know WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST. –Wendy Blight

7. We, as believers in Jesus, are God’s workmanship. In Greek, workmanship as used here means “work of art, a work done with extraordinary skill; a supreme achievement.” We are a work completely created and fashioned by the very Hand of God.- Wendy Blight

a. What does this mean? It means that we are not created to squeeze into a fabricated mold…not made to look like the girl on the cover of a magazine. God created us with the express desire that we journey through life with our eyes fixed on Him. It is in this posture that we will discover who we are in Him…our unique gifts and talents…our specific calling…our purpose on this earth – Wendy Blight.

8. Women were made to be strong. Satan wants us weak. Scripture even compares us to pillars in the book of Psalms. The Hebrew word David uses is “omenoth” the root word meaning “to stand firm, to stand immovable.” “In a building, a pillar is a prominent support, the ultimate stay of the building. That is who God calls us to be…in our homes, in our families, and in our culture” – Wendy Blight.

a. The same scripture goes even further and says we are “carved to adorn a palace”. Ornate pillars give a building it’s uniqueness; they grace it with beauty and charm. And what is so important to remember is that sometimes the more carved and ornate the pillar, the more time and labor it took the artist to create it. So it is with us, sometimes the deeper our pain, the longer our suffering, the more beautiful we are and the more useful we are to God because He uses our pain for His glory –Wendy Blight.

9. A woman who knows who she is in Christ refuses to live beneath her privilege as a child of the King because she knows her worth. God has blessed her with everything she needs to fulfill her role as a child of God.

Please do not let your identity/value/worth be tied into what you look like and what you do or what you have done. We don’t see men prancing around trying to be more manly. They accept who they are and they walk in it. We pour hot wax all over our bodies for pete’s sake. If men ever really studied all the stuff we do to be desirable to them, they’d probably laugh themselves silly. We let ourselves be manipulated by Satan so that we can do his work and manipulate men also. How hard must it be for a good Christian man who wants to be like Jesus to walk around in this world with so many women showing everything they’ve got and offering up a veritable buffet of eye candy! Let’s not feel less than also because we don’t think we measure up to the beautiful women we see plastered all over. Know who you are in Christ and let that be your true source of identity, value and worth. Anything else is just icing.

For Wendy's Study's on "Are You Believing The Lies?" you can click on the links below.

I hope you enjoyed it! I know I did.

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