Friday, June 11, 2010

Weigh In Day 6/11/10

This is where I take my Zumba classes. And today is Friday Weigh In Day!! YAY, I lost another pound this week!!!!!!!!!! So happy about that. I am at a 10 year low now. This is what I weighed right after I had Amber 3 weeks before I turned 30. So, this is pretty exciting for me. I was always skinny before I had my little Amber cat so I feel like getting back to this weight is very good for me. It's a mental thing I think but I am very excited. When I take my classes I always stand in the back by the big black stereo box in the far back on the left. It's my little spot :)

I feel pretty good about losing the pound because I didn't get on my non functioning treadmill Saturday. Sunday I did 30 minutes on the Stairmaster at the Y. Monday and Tuesday I did hour long Zumba classes. Wednesday my inner thighs were screaming for mercy and I had a business meeting/lunch at City Hall with the Ball Ground Business Association, the mayor and the City Manager (which was awesome by the way.) so I didn't take a class that day.Thursday I took a Zumba Xpress class that was only 30 minutes. So not bad for only doing that much exercise. I am still taking my vitamins and the B12 has helped me tremendously. The first day I took it at 2pm like a dummy and I was up until 3am. Sooooo, I think we can deduce that B12 does in fact give one energy. I will take a Zumba class at 10am today for an hour too :) Oh, yesterday I took the kids to the pool at the Y. I don't know if that counts as exercise or not but I was moving my arms and kicking my legs so I count it.

Braxton loves the current pool. He had never been in it before and I wrapped us both up in a noodle and let the strong current drag us around and he squealed with happiness. We did get a little scraped up though when a strong current got us and some other kids and we all got slammed against the wall. My elbow is scraped up and my chin. It looks like I did a face plant ha ha. Brandon's nose is scraped up and Braxton got his arm hurt. I tried to absorb all the impact so the kids wouldn't get hurt. Alas, we all got it a little bit. It was fun anyway. I was also happy that I didn't feel the least bit self conscious yesterday too. You know women and bathing suits....but I really think all the studying and preparing I have been doing on who we are in Christ and Satan's influence on our physical appearance being part of our worth has done me some great good. I don't think I've ever sauntered around in a bathing suit and not been self conscious. Even when I was a size 3. That's saying something. I felt happy and perfectly happy with myself. Thank you Lord for that work. I am just me, a work in progress and my Father loves me and that's all that matters. It was really nice to just feel comfortable with myself, bathing suit and all.

I have quit skipping meals all the time now too so I think that's why I had a month long stand still with my weight. I didn't gain at least but I do try to eat lunch now. I don't like to eat breakfast. I don't care if it is the most important meal of the day. I was only eating dinner before most of the time. Honestly, I wasn't hungry but I have decided that I need to eat a little something for lunch. That's how I got the weight problem to begin with, not eating while Amber was hospitalized. Goodness, I think I used to go days without food and then I'd eat one meal and go for days again. Boy did it mess up my body when I started eating again. Lesson learned there.

I am giving away a bunch of my clothes today. Before I think I may have saved them in case I gained the weight back but I feel confident that there is no going back. I am very happy to give my clothes away and buy much smaller ones :) I'm looking forward to buying even smaller ones than the ones I am buying now :) As a funny note, I bought a new hot pink shirt and it is very pretty (with my Kohl's cash of course!) and I wore it Wednesday and I was with my husband the ENTIRE day. We even had our business meeting/lunch at City Hall together. I was curious if he would notice my new shirt. Why, I don't know. I guess I wanted him to notice me. So, of course he never says a word about it. Then late in the evening I said "Did you notice my new shirt?" (you know because us gals spend oodles of time buying just the right shirt so we can knock you socks off and hope you will think we look great and say something nice to us.) and he says "What new shirt, you've had that for at least 2 years". I say "I just bought it." He says "No you didn't, I've seen you wear that before". "Um,no" I say. He looks at me like I am a big fat liar. Then I realize he is talking about a magenta (not hot pink like I am wearing now) shirt I had that is now ENTIRELY way to big on me and I cannot wear anymore without my boobs falling out, thank you very much. And, I laughed myself silly. We ladies put so much thought into what we wear sometimes and men in general, I think, don't even look at the small details. They are just looking at us, not analyzing us and sizing us up. I think they are just happy to be with us and glad that we look nice but perhaps they don't take in every detail like us gals do. So, maybe I shan't be hurt when Mikey Poo doesn't notice something new. He's not trying to be hurtful. I must confess though that I do enjoy once or twice a year playing the "Did you notice anything new about me"? game with him. There isn't anything new, I just like to watch the look of panic on his face as he scans me over and over trying to figure out what he didn't notice and how much trouble he is going to be in if he doesn't figure it out. hee hee.


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Heart2Heart said...


I believe most men cringe when they hear us ask that question for fear of failing.

Congratulations on your continued weight loss and in gaining a more healthier you in the process.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat