Friday, June 18, 2010

Weigh In Day & The Office is FINALLY Moved

I am so happy the big office move is FINALLY over! I put two new signs over mine and Mike's desks. His says "If you are what you eat then I'm fast easy and cheap". It suits Mr. I'll have a Number 2 w/ cheese and a diet coke please. Gross, I never eat fast food. Once again may I ponder the question of how Mike and I ever got together? My sign says "Marriage... the last real decision a man gets to make". hee hee hee My sign is going over real big with the men ha ha. It is so nice to be able to spread out. I LOVE the new office space. We should have hogged up the basement a long time ago.

Today was my weigh in day too. I only lost half a pound BUT, I have been doing strength training so I do know I am building muscle. So I am not concerned about the number count going down. I also put on a pair of pants this week that barely fit me last week and yesterday they fell right off so I feel good that I lost more fat off the ole body. Needless to say, I threw the pants out and it felt so excitingly nice to do that. All of my pants are super loose. My old pair of skin tight jeans will fall down to the floor with a little tug. Me thinks it's time to buy new pants :) Oh my I do hate it when I have to go shopping (NOT!). All this is so exciting to me!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe after 10 years of moaning and groaning about losing weight it is finally happening! I just had to get determined and committed about it and of course do a little study on Mary and Martha to see that I had been making the wrong choices like Martha was. God is so good.

I met with my Wellness Coach today at the YMCA too. He is really great to work with and he was really helpful today helping me tailor a strength training routine for the next month at least. I had to give him 3 goals I have to work to achieve until we meet again on July 16. The first was to lose at least 7 pounds. The second was to still have plenty of energy by 5pm which is usually when I go downhill. The third is that I will commit to switching around my cardio routine. I am a creature of habit so I usually find something I like and stick with it. He says that is bad and even though I love love love my Zumba dance aerobic classes I need to switch things up. So I will do what he says, obviously he knows more than I do. So, those are my goals for the next month.

I was a little horrified today in Zumba class when a man (gasp!) snuck into our class not quite halfway into the class. Okay, there are just some places men do not belong and a Zumba class is one of them. I can tell you he enjoyed himself immensely! He was smiling big the whole time the big dummy dumb head. Why shouldn't he? I mean he was just in a room with 30 women dancing like strippers all around him. AND, of course this was the class that is majorly focused on the abs so that means TONS and TONS of shaking our booties, popping locking and dropping, and belly dancing. Well, at least he did everything we did. He seemed to like it best during the kick boxing to the Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow". I think most of us were aggravated he was in there. I didn't have a measuring tape but I am sure my butt was no less than 4 inches from his face at one particular time. Awkward. He so does not need to come into that room again. Amen.

My son Brandon has asked a girl out on a date for this Saturday. She said yes, thankfully. He is outside now flirting with her. Isn't young love sweet? This will be his first date. He is going to be 13 in 2 weeks so I let him ask her. I'm sure she will have to bring a friend, they are a little young but Brandon is such a sweet little gentleman. I'm not worried about him.

My Saturday night will be it's usual exciting (NOT!) self. I was so bored last Saturday night I created an event on my Facebook page called "Another Boring Saturday Night". Yes, this is how I entertain myself. I didn't think anyone would be able to see it because I didn't invite anyone to my BIG EVENT. Well, I was wrong. Everyone I am friends with on FB could see it and I got some funny messages about it. One other friend and my daughter have R.S.V.P'd to "Another Boring Saturday Night" for this Saturday. haha. If you are having another boring Saturday night feel free to stop by my event page and R.S.V.P. too. We can all be bored together!

Have a great Father's Day weekend!


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