Friday, June 4, 2010

Weigh In Day

Well hallelujah I finally lost some more weight! I have been at a stand still for a month now. Grrrr. I only lost a pound but it was something at least. I have been sick actually all week so I only hit the treadmill the last 3 days. Usually I do it 7 days a week, 90 minutes a day. I want this weight to come off already! So impatient. After years of wanting it off and finally seeing it come off I can't hardly stand for it to take so long. I am going down tomorrow to join the YMCA. I was having such a hard time deciding between Gold's Gym and the Y. I HATE the daycare at the Y but I think Braxton will be okay now that he is older. I have built in babysitters for the summer and he turns 4 in I don't think he will cry like he used to. They used to come and get me every time I tried to go and they'd make me take him. That was frustrating to say the least.

I am super excited to start my Zumba classes back up. Zumba is so hysterical to me. I laugh for almost the whole hour! You know, in my single years I loved to dance as much as anybody but I didn't dance trashy. Zumba is more than a little provocative at times ha ha. My first class I was like "You want me to do what?" Oh Lordy. It's like aerobics, hip hop, belly dancing, latin dancing and a little kick boxing all mixed together. Really, it depends on the instructors as to how much of what the class is. But I have to say that as far as aerobics classes it's the best workout I've ever done and I used to be addicted to the gym. I would take classes back to back even. LOVE me some Zumba. I also like that they don't let the men come into that class. Um, the men do NOT need to be in that class. Nope. I like the privacy factor at the Y. The pools are the slides are killer too. We have a really good and modern Y here. I think my body needs more than the treadmill now too. Time to switch things up.

I got so excited at church Wed. night when I saw a sweet lady who has been out of town for awhile and I haven't seen her in about 2 months. Well, when I saw her she looked skinnier and I went up to her to compliment how nice she looked. She said "Well it's all thanks to you Jennifer." You see, she is my Facebook friend and I always post on my status updates every day how many miles I walk and for how long and whether I do free weights or not. She then tells me that after watching me do that for the last few months and seeing me shrink she said one day "Well, why not me?" She said she's been walking every day and exercising. I was so happy! We really do have a sphere of influence in our world and whether it's spreading Jesus or encouragement we can really change the world! How awesome is that? I was really happy. Awhile back I quit posting my exercise goals and I always do a weigh in day too on my FB status and anyway I just quit doing it. I guess I thought nobody cared? A couple of friends messaged me and asked me why I quit posting that stuff. They said it had motivated them to start working out too. They are still at it and now they post their exercise regimen daily too. I love it. We all support each other now on FB. It's like a free weight watchers lol.

Speaking of weight loss, I got a little excited last night when I took a bath. Why they do not make tubs deep enough to actually submerge your whole body in standard appliances I do not understand. So you know how in most tubs even when you lay down parts of you are sticking out of the water? Mostly the girls and part of your belly if you are overweight ha ha. Well, I noticed that there was only a tiny bit of my tummy out of the water and goodness that just made my day right there! I was like, YEAH!! SCHWEET!! Some of you may know what I mean :) That was a good moment for me. Of course there's a lot less of the girls out of the water too but you know, they were too big anyway. I needed to lose some there. My husband may argue that point but they were too big. I asked him about a month ago if my boobs looked smaller to him and he didn't hesitate to say yes. I told him he could have paused for a moment to contemplate. He said he didn't need to. The man is clueless, bless his heart.

Some of the gals around here and I had an impromptu "girly session" about our weight issues and it was pee your pants funny. We all talked about who walked around naked in front of their husbands or not. That was a hoot. Then there was a funny discussion if you got undressed in the daylight or not or if he could only see you naked in the dark. And the best part of all, the pros and cons of just letting him see you naked laying down only because the fat spreads out and it makes you look skinner but the con being that the girls spread out too ha ha. Oh my goodness. I laughed so hard my mascara was all over my face and I was temporarily blinded hee hee. Then we laughed harder because we think hard about these things and our husbands could care less and will throw off their clothes at the drop of a hat, skinny or not. Of course, they are not under pressure to be skinny. Big on a man is fine. Plus, their stuff is supposed to hang, ours is not. I still would like to ask God if he could not have planned that one out a little better when I get to heaven. Don't think I won't do it! I totally will, in holy reverence of course :)

Have a great weekend! I am hoping to get a haircut if I can get into the salon. My bangs are hanging in my face. Not fun. Plus, I have some Kohls cash to spend. Oh how I love my Kohls. Kohls and Starbucks give me very happy feelings. Yes, they do. I want this pair of Eeyore pajamas and I simply MUST have them. I have great affection for Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh. What can I say, they are cute. I have four kids, what am I gonna wear around the house? Eeyore of course. haha. Hope on over and buy you some Eeyore jammies too. And while we are at it, I want this pair of Mickey Mouse ones too. It must be the mid life crisis, I don't know. But I am buying the Eeyore for sure tomorrow. Yeah, I'm spicy like that.

Love y'all,



Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Jenn, What a joy and pleasure I have had reading this post tonight.I I have laughed and laughed, I guess it is because I am experiencing the same issues.
Thank you for sharing about the weight loss as I have finally decided it is now or never for me. I have begun my exercise program , but haven't worked up to 90 mins. yet, Congratulations on your wight loss, I know the feeling of both success and of failure. I like the success so much Thank you for the motivation.
Thank you for coming by and for your sweet words of encouragement.
Enjoy your weekend.

Heart2Heart said...


I am starting this very thing on losing weight as when my daughter graduates high school next year I want to look like I was in my 40's. Just a little to go but I just need to Move It!

Thanks for the motivation and you're right even when the scale numbers don't move, I love the way our clothes tell us otherwise.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat