Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Irreverence In Church

I took this today during Vacation Bible School. My sweet little Braxton singing Amazing Grace. ACK, could he be any sweeter? So, me, Jennifer, the lady who avoids working with kids like the plague, the woman who runs for cover the moment the mention of a nursery worker is needed is helping with VBS at church. AND, I love it. People, this is complete proof that we do not have to fear doing what God's will is for us because just as His Word says....He will give you the abilities and the desires to do whatever He has planned for you. Uh huh, 'cause this girl has FOUR kids and church is the only place that I can get peace and quiet me time. Can I get an amen from anyone on that? Working with a ROOMFULL of kids is the last thing I want to do at church lol. Until recently when out of the wild blue craziness I took over a class for one of the teachers for the 8-12 year olds and I actually LOVED it. My husband checked me for a fever, he thought I was delirious or something. Then, a month later our Pastor calls and asked if Mike and I would like to lead the Wednesday night 8-12 year old class together as a team. I was instantly excited, again Mike had to check for a fever. I promise y'all I am a good mama, I really am. Anyhoo, I was asked to lead the Hyperspeed Games for the Power Lab Vacation Bible School at church and I was shocked to discover that I didn't hate the idea at all and actually wanted to do it. Now, that is the Lord.

Well, we are two days into VBS and it's pretty fun. I am still in awe that I am saying that. Tomorrow will be a blast, I have some cool games planned for the kids that both involve water. This girl is going to come home soaked and if I have anything to say about it, so will the rest of the VBS kids ha ha. Tomorrow they will even walk on water in one of the group sessions. Apparently if you mix corn starch (lots of it) and water with some blue food coloring it makes a solid like surface for the kids to step into the water and walk on the top of the water. COOL.

I have been so so so busy I have not had time to blog but I have some great stuff bursting inside to come out! I need to write up some posts Thursday for sure. I led our ladies group at church in the Session 2 of Lysa TerKeurst's Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl and oh my. It was AWESOME!!!! I saw light bulbs coming on all over the ladies faces all evening. Can I just say how much I flipping LOVE when I see people getting something? It is the most amazing thing to watch happen. I can see them contemplating, I can see emotions rolling across their faces, I see the frown or the smile pop up and then I see "the look". Inside I am jumping up and down, clapping and cheering for them. That is one of my most favorite parts of teaching, getting to watch the women's faces. Mmmmm, good stuff. I feel so privileged to this calling and this study is truly amazing. I want to write about that night.
Honestly, I am still struggling a little too with me being a very "contemporary" spirited extrovert among "conservative", quiet, reverent ladies. The word reverent has come up quite a lot lately....interesting. It came up 3 times today alone.

1. A feeling of profound awe and respect and often love; veneration. See Synonyms at honor.
2. An act showing respect, especially a bow or curtsy.

You know, I am a VERY casual person. Pomp and circumstance make this girl want to barf. I am not about "show" at all. I live a real life and I talk like a person who lives a real life and not like someone who lives a perfect, holy reverent, most heavenly life. You know what? I think that is okay. I do not curse around anybody ( I can't lie, when I get EXTREMELY angry sometimes words fly out at home.) and I think I conduct myself like a loving Christian person outta. I talk real life and lately I have been chastised of sorts for being "real". So, since the word reverent has come up.... I am wondering if that is God telling me I am not being reverent or is it just the people who "of sorts" are attempting to chastise me bringing it up. I am wondering.....time to do a reality check I suppose. Couldn't hurt to pray about it. Well, I do say though that I do get a great many opportunities to talk to men and women who have very personal tough issues because they know that I will get real with them and actually try to help them and not judge them. So, there.

An example? I was telling someone about my 3 year old calling my 18 year old a butthead in Walmart and as he was calling her that he was singing it. Y'all, it was hysterical!!! My 18 year old recorded it on her phone and we are still listening to it and laughing ourselves into tears. I mean, it's not every day that a girl can get serenaded in the Walmart in a song calling you a butthead and a loserhead. Okay, so....it was funny. Yeah, the old lady listening in didn't think so and dude, it got ugly. I think she wanted to smack me and when my 10 year old laughed about it and actually said the word butthead in church I though the old lady was going to have an actual real life conniption.

Conniption:A fit of violent emotion, such as anger or panic.

So, the conversation ensues that being in God's house should create an atmosphere of holy reverence. I point out of course that God does not live in that building but He lives inside of each of us and we should not act or talk much different in church than we do in our homes, work, cars or anyplace else we may be. If I can't say butthead in church then I shouldn't be saying it anywhere else. Not that I would condone the use of the word butthead or anything, I mean it's only our pet nickname for our 3 year old Braxton. But, in our defense, the kid is a butthead. Just sayin. I laugh about that stuff and maybe I'm wrong but I still say that being in Church should bring a heightened sense of awareness of worship but it should not if bring about personality change. And, I don't care who you are butt humor is good stuff for a 3 year old. I mean, he gives personal invites each and every time he has to pee in the toilet for us all to come watch. A poop event is a must for attendees. He likes an audience. I don't see the problem with a little butt humor, after all, God did create butts. I think he knows about them. Sheesh, live a little people!!!

Do we even want to discuss me telling someone I pray in the shower? I think not. But I do and I think God could care less that I pray naked in the shower. I think he'd rather have me talk to him than not and I do not find that to be irreverent in the least. Why I am running into these uber old fashioned conservatives I do not know. I'd like it to stop but I'll do the inventory check with God just in case.

Love y'all and feel free to give me some "reverent" input.


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