Friday, January 15, 2010

Lost Some Weight

First, I am a pitiful friend since the first of Jan and I know that so please accept my apologies. I have begun to workout and study the word more and do things for me and it has sucked every little part of the rest of my day that wasn't already busy. I haven't emailed, responded to hardly anything..... SORRY.

Second, I LOST WEIGHT THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lost nothing the first week which I posted about on my other blog that you can check out if you want to by looking at my profile or not..... I stepped up the cardio immediately and I lost 4.5 lbs this week!!!!!!!!! I was shocked, mouth hanging open happy dance in the bathroom kind of shocked. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I am excited? I have been praying lots for God to help me OVERCOME in my weight loss. Not do it for me, not to bless me with a speedy metabolism but to OVERCOME my issues with not being able to lose weight and OVERCOME the reasons why I am overweight to begin with. Has He responded or what? I have not suffered hardly at all and have been motivated and well, something is just different this time. Asking Him to help me OVERCOME is much different than just asking for help. It is a little more specific don't you think? It also keeps me focused on that fact that this is going to require lots of work from ME and not just me doing stuff and believing God is going to bless it and help me along. I got this way for a reason and undoing it is going to be work. He has really responded to my prayers in this direction, so happy about that! Filling myself with Him instead. I can't explain it but hey, it's different this time and it is working. Thank goodness!!!

I also have to say that my family is doing awesome with mom taking care of herself. So the dishes sat in the sink until morning...... I got a hot relaxing bath with a great book. So I didn't clean first thing......I worked out, studied the word and or watched a Beth Moore video. Guess what? The house still got cleaned and I got fit and my spirit got fed. What was my problem? Why didn't I just make time for me in the day before instead of suffering the Martha Syndrome? The kids tried barging in on me like they always did before which made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to exercise and before I could do it my husband marched up the stairs, ripped everyone a new one and put them in their rooms until I got done and then he closed and locked the bedroom door that I was in and told me not to come out until I was done. What a treasure to have him behind me!

I used to get mad at him because he would always tell me to just be happy or I would say I want to exercise or read and he would say just do it. I would get mad and think how in the world can he say that when there is all this stuff that has to be done? I got mad because he should help me do the stuff around the house so I had time to do what I needed to do for me. Four kids doesn't help matters either.... Yep, I recognize it all now. Sounds like I am Martha in the story and he is sounding like Jesus and saying just stop your labor and take care of yourself. It will all get done in time but you cannot neglect yourself Martha. Well, Jesus was right. Can you imagine?
I take the time for me now and the house has not fallen apart, we still eat between 6-7 and we all have clothes to wear and guess what? Mom is happy and taking care of herself too.

It is much more fun to be a Mary than a Martha!! Get your Mary on......ha ha.



Tasha Simons said...

Yippie! That's awesome, Jenn!

Shelby said...

This is awesome,I'm so happy to hear this for you!

Kelly said...

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The LORD is with us !

-:) Hugs !!!

Danielle said...

Girl! That is so awesome! PTL and congrats!

Tugay Sarıkaya said...

It was really enjoyable to read all.

lisasmith said...

sounds like you and God are making some progress =)
i just love when my husband gets behind me and rips everyone a new one and then locks the bedroom door for me!

prayerofabrokenman said...

I jejoyed your post.