Friday, October 2, 2009

Saying Yes to God

Saying Yes to God (Part 2)

-At ”A Woman Inspired” online conference I asked Lysa Ter Keurst from Proverbs 31 Ministries a question concerning why I still had no idea what God’s calling was on my life. Her answer changed my life!

She said to me that more often than not, God will not speak to someone and reveal a grand plan. It is very rare that God just speaks from the beginning what the final end plan is of their calling. She said people who did great things with God had to first be willing to do the small things with him too. She said that if I was truly seeking God’s will for my life then I needed to be able to show God that I could be faithful & obedient with the little things first. She said to seek the Lord’s will for me on a daily basis, “What is your will for me to do today Lord”? She said that if I am faithful with what God entrusts to me then He will build on that faithfulness and obedience and will begin to entrust me with more and will reveal more of His will for my life.

All this time I had been waiting on some big task to do, some wonderful calling to be spoken into my spirit. I had assumed many times that the lack of this grand task being given to me meant that God just didn’t have a plan for me. I thought, “Well, maybe my calling is just to be a wife and mother. Yes, that must be it “. I was so wrong!

I was like a 1st grader who wanted to be promoted to the 12th grade immediately. After Lysa spoke and answered my question I just sat at my computer dumbstruck. I couldn’t believe how simple it all was, instead of looking for a big task, I should have just been focused daily on what his was will was for me on that day and then with my obedience with what He does give me He will then give me more. WOW. After taking it all in I began to laugh, I laughed so hard I couldn’t stop. I was so grateful to finally find the answer I had been looking for and it was so simple that I just thought it was hysterical! The one thing I hear the most from Christians (especially women) is that they do not know what their calling is and I suspect this is largely the reason why.

When we are seeking His will for us, just what exactly are we seeking? His will for the day? His will for the week, month, and year? Or His will for our life? If we get too focused on God’s will for our life, we can miss out on a lifetime of today’s. We live for today, each moment we are in is a today, doesn’t it make sense to just ask God daily “Lord, please guide me and show me your will for me today.” Whatever he guides you to, go do it. If He can’t trust you to be obedient with the little things then He certainly isn’t going to ask you to do big things.

When you are looking to God on a daily basis for His will you will find that you are listening more to the Holy Spirit inside you. When you are waiting to hear from God you will find yourself listening for Him. You will be more in tune with the Holy Spirit and as you go about your day you will find that when you feel a tug on your heart or in your mind to go do something, to call someone, to do an act of kindness for a complete stranger even, you will begin to notice that it is God who is moving you to do these things through His Spirit inside you. In that moment, that is His will for you! How many times in the past have we felt moved to do something and didn’t do it? How many times has the thought to just call a person we haven’t spoken to for months or years popped into our heads and we didn’t do it because we didn’t recognize that it was the Holy Spirit asking us to do it?

Look to Him daily for His will for you for that day and prepare yourself. Store up the word of God inside you so that God has something to pull up out of you and it will not return void to Him. God wants to go on a great journey with you, but first you must be willing to pack your bags and prepare for this journey. If you desire to do more with God then each act of obedience will take you closer to that desired place in your heart where you can let him work in you to do wonderful things.

Here is a quick prayer from “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” by Lysa Ter Keurst.

“Dear Lord, I want to see you today. I want to hear you today. I want to know you more today. Whatever your will is for me today Lord, I say yes. Before I even know what it is, what it will require of me or cost me, I say yes to you. Pleas guide me in all that I do.”

This is a prayer Lysa recommends saying each morning before your feet even hit the floor. I highly recommend it also.

Now that we are seeking, asking and praying daily for Him we should be listening for his Holy Spirit to be prompting us and speaking to us. During this time we should be preparing for God to be able to use us. Please pread Prepartion (Part 3)

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