Saturday, May 29, 2010

Graduation Day Pictures! GO GRIZZLIES Class of 2010

Me, Brandon and Amber.

First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA goes Creekview Grizzlie Green & Blue. The amazing thing about this picture is that there is still a ton of seating behind me and above me.

Mike & I. It's a rare sighting to see Mike in a photo but I had him trapped today :)

My beautiful graduate Lexie. So proud of my baby.

Braxton was excited to see his big sis graduate.

The instructors and friends Lexie does Tae Kwon Doe with.

I am slightly disturbed that my ex husband and my husband both have the same haircut. exhusband is on the far left and I didn't recognize him either when I saw him. That was weird too.

Lexie with my parents.

Mike and I again. He looks like he is up to something doesn't he?

Lexie and Brandon.

It's a tragedy when perfectly good curly hair goes limp. They need to make hair Viagara.

This is the expression Mike has on his face lately when he is looking at me. It's like he's thinking "Jenn, what the heck are you doing?" I'm not sure...

See, there it is again. Doesn't he have the best set of lips ever? Such a sexy beast.

Amber wants to graduate too!

Lexie and I had the same shoes. I'm not sure why her leg is so red. I'm rawkin some flip flop tan lines on my foot ha ha.

Amber and I. Now the hair has gone completely flat. Dang Georgia humidity.

The man, Braxton and myself at Applebees.

Graduation is OVER and one happy mama drove herself home. THE END.


The Working Home Keeper said...

Great pictures! Congrats to Lexie!

Mary Ellen

Tasha Simons said...

Love the pictures, Jenn!