Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Women Love The Twilight Series. Answers for men.

Okay, I have heard a man for the umpteenth time ask why women love the Twilight series so much. seems so obvious to me.

1. Women love romance. (this is one of the ways women reflect God's image. He is the ultimate romantic if you think about it.)

2. Women love to feel wanted. Most of us NEED to feel wanted and I mean that in the romantic sense. Not that he wants me because I am a great wife or whatever else, but want me as a woman. That RAWKS our world to feel like someone wants us. The whole thing about the Twilight series is an overwhelming sense of WANT. She wants him, he wants her....B.A.D. Because they can't truly come together....there is a whole lot of romantic want happin here. Excitement is always a plus and Twilight has the whole excitement and want thing all rolled into one. Yes, please.

3. Women love security. There is nothing more cooler than being with someone who wants to and can protect you. I can remember loving that my husband never sat with his back to a door, he is always on the lookout for danger, etc. He is very protective of me. We like our security and feeling all wrapped up and protected. Not in a chauvinistic way, just a knowing that the man we are with can, will and is able to keep us safe. Edward is all about keeping Bella safe. Us ladies like that, even if it only registers subconsciously. We like that.

It's pretty simple. Lots of excitement, lots of romance, tons of WANT, and the sense of security by Edward's protectiveness and Jacob's too for New Moon. Every woman pretty much just wants to feel wanted and this series fulfills that need VERY MUCH. Yes and thank you.

It does not hurt that they picked great looking males to fill the movie roles BUT, before the men say we like it 'cause of Jacob's abs. Let me say this whole Twilight series was a HUGE hit as a book series. My teenager couldn't get enough of reading these books and neither could her friends before there was ever talk of a movie. They were already in love with Bella, Edward and Jacob before anybody saw the two leading men. We all like a little adventure. Mostly we just love to feel wanted and even reading the books nails that bad boy dead on.

So. Men, do you make your woman feel wanted? If not, please stop complaining about our lunatic desire to watch these movies on DVD a thousand times and read the books at least twice. Now you have your answers.

I am sure there are a hundred other smaller answers that will also answer this question but these are the main biggies.



Misti of Studio M Designs said...

AMEN! You got it JUST RIGHT! You know I am hooked, and I joke about R.Pat, but I am in love with the character itself. Thanks for this post. You hit the nail on the head, my friend.

Now...have you started reading the books yet? I promise, the lack of sleep, laundry, and food will all be worth it in the end.

Still Learning said...

I haven't started reading them yet but I want to so bad after listening to you and my friend Kat say how much better they are than the movies. I just need to get myself to the library. My friend Kat said I could borrow hers but she is out of town for almost this whole month.


Heart2Heart said...

I loved the series on books but after I saw the first movie. I think you hit all the points on the head pretty accurately as well. That's what women want!

We honestly don't want a freezing cold, pale, glittering vampire to share our lives with, we want you!

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Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tasha Simons said...

Maybe I should read the books. Matt loves the series. I haven't read it though I took him to the movies.