Thursday, May 22, 2008

Laundry is FUN!!

See how much fun it is to do laundry at my house? My husband and my 16 year old are always pranking each other. Everyone in the house besides me and the baby also take karate. Let me tell you, my home can be a dangerous place as they are always after each other. My home also has a trillion baby gates all over it!! you can even see by the kid's desk where there is supposed to be a gate and the gate on the right is blocking the kitchen. There are two more gates in the kitchen blocking access to the family room. Where there are 3 more gates.... I could go on. My husband is a gate nut. I came home one day and I thought I was in a maximum security facility. The baby is learning to climb over the gates... I call him a baby but he's 18 months. Everyone else's blogs I have seen today have had such cute and wonderful things.... I can't compete with that today and I am sitting bored in my store (slow day) so here is what I came up with. My hubby's foot in cheerleader girl's face, pretty huh?

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