Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holy Spirit Speak.

I am so excited for my ladies Bible Study tomorrow evening. I really feel like it is going to be wonderful. I was studying all about it today during all of our breaks during Census training and a few people asked me about it. So I said, what the hay, and I gave a teeny tiny summary of what it is about. It went over really well the second time and I was anointed in the holy goose bumps ha ha. I love it when I receive something to say from the Holy Spirit and right after I say it I can see the person registering a major aha moment while I at the same time get covered with goose bumps and get a little shiver. WOW. I really love that.

I mean, we sometimes get a little used to the Holy Spirit or don't fully register what the Holy Spirit is and perhaps we just don't get as super excited as we should sometimes when we hear from it. I am guilty of that but today I was supremely aware that God had just whispered something wonderful to me to pass on to someone else and most certainly myself too. That is incredible to me to know that as busy as God must be, he always has time for each one of us. He treasures the open & abiding connection when He can stoop down so to speak and whisper in our ears the wonderful treasures He has for us in His wisdom. Mmmmm good.

I am still perplexed as to why I am not allowed to put together a fully prepared study like the Holy Spirit and I always do. They are always well received, hmmmm. Well, can I just say how excited I am to see what God has in store for us? I have never taught just by knowing the topic well and then just winging it according to what the Holy Spirit speaks to me. It's a little daunting but you know, I teach the book and I know it says that if I am called then I am fully equipped to do it. So there. Sometimes I just tell myself put up or shut up. If I can't live it then I probably shouldn't teach it. So I will kick "Fear" in the bootaz and go do what God said to do. He said no prepared notes this time, no knowing each thing I am going to say. I am just supposed to know my verses, the story in the Bible we are applying a lesson to and that's it.

But, I can see that just from the few minutes spent on it this afternoon that it is going to be POWERFUL. God was in that room, let me tell ya. I guess I should not be surprised at the power of the words since He is all powerful right? I think so far one of the greatest blessings of my life is to be a vessel for the Lord to communicate through. Although I am an extrovert of sorts I do not like to be the center of attention or stared at so teaching a class was something I NEVER NEVER would have ever desired to do in my flesh. I am so happy he gave me the desire to teach and being able to speak His word in boldness is such a gift!!! I was so scared to death the first Sunday I had to announce to the church we were even starting a ladies class, it was a disaster ha ha. Oh I laugh about it now but ouch I didn't know I could shake that much. I was amazed that they even let me teach the class after my first announcement. Now you can't shut me up! God is so good. I know He let me stay scared and shake myself silly at the podium so I would know that this always had to be about Him and that I can't do it by my knowledge or abilities. I have to stay focused on Him, His power, His anointing and everything about each lesson must solely be about Him. I am merely the telephone He is speaking through and I am most acutely aware that anything good I say comes from Him alone because of that experience. Super excited to see what He gives me to say tomorrow night. I am ready to receive what He has for us.



Tasha Simons said...

How did it go? They are blessed to have you as their teacher. I know God is with you in a special way and He is using you to impact lives and love others into a responsive relationship with Jesus Christ.

Love you!


Still Learning said...

Hey Tasha, it went well I think. Oddly enough the two different Pastors sermons Sunday morning and Sunday night were on Surrender and Trust also like the study I did. I guess God is using us in different ways to communicate these things. It was really eerie but in a good way.