Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Moon with the man.

Well my hubby finally watched New Moon last night. He liked it. After making fun of us gals in the house for watching Twilight a bizillion times he finally broke down and watched that movie too and he had to admit it was a good movie. Us girls felt vindicated and did a little high five dance. Anyhoo, after it was over he still didn't get it why us gals love those movies so much. I was like, um..... if you ever read my blog you would have read the post I did to men telling you dudes why women love the Twilight series so much. I don't think he has ever read my blog actually. To be honest, I find that slightly irritating. Doesn't he care what I am up to? Hence, the love of the Twilight series. Edward and Jacob would totally be checking Bella's blog (if she had one) daily. Yes, they would.

So I tried to explain that whole thing about women want to be wanted and his man brain wasn't getting it. As I was trying to help him get it I wondered if his obviously broken emotional receptors would function better if I banged his head against a wall or a table. You know, like it totally works with the remote control. I decided against it.

He still thinks I love the movie because of Jacob's abs. Whatever..... I think it's funny that us women connect with this movie on a deep emotional level and the guys can't get past the physical. I honestly don't know how the two sexes ever properly communicate.

I tried making it simple. Mike I said, everyone has needs. Those needs need to be met or a lack is created. Satan seizes upon our lack. Lack is not good. I said, we all need to eat so it is understood someone must prepare a meal. We need clean clothes so someone must wash the dirty ones. We all need to live in a clean environment so someone needs to clean up the mess. Individually, we need more specific needs. You need me to respect you and give you praises on what a great provider you are and for all the "man things" you do. I as a woman, need you to show me you appreciate me and ahem, want me as a woman. He was perplexed as to how to do that. Good grief! Do I really have to write a manual? Maybe I should, I could be rich!! I'll call it "How to Keep Your Wife Happy and Make Her Feel Wanted". Nah, I just told him to go back and watch the two movies again. Dork. That's what I get for marrying a toolbelt cowboy :)

On a positive note, he is a great hubby. Everyone loves Mike. I think I'll keep him.


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Andrea said...

Men are clueless, sometimes. However, some learn as they age to be a little more attentive and sensitive to their wives.

Blessings, andrea