Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day

Mrs. H at is having a Spring Cleaning party of sorts. I have been telling myself lately that I need to do something with this monstrocity. I haven't cleaned it out since Braxy was born in Nov of 07. Pretty bad........ So she asked her readers to join her in some Spring Cleaning and I thought I'd join in.
Who could find anything in this mess? This closet backs up to an angled wall and we built this house our very selves to I guess you can tell by the unfinsihed wood panels that we were tired at the end of building & just nailed those bad boys in, ha ha.

Ahhh, much better!! I am embarrassed to admit that it only took 15 minutes to clean it out. Why didn't I do that before??? I pulled the games and junk out of the bottom and placed this tub of videos in there. Now Braxton has a place to come and find new videos to watch and they aren't scattered all over my house. I pulled the extra bed spreads out and placed them on the top shelves of the bedroom closets for the bedrooms they would be placed in. That immediately freed up a ton of space and gave me an extra shelf to use. I have been wanting a shelf in there for my crafty stuff. Now I have it. Thank you Mrs. H. I kept the extra sheets and pillow cases on the bottom shelf. Towels and hand towels are up above. I got a load of towels going in the washer right now. That puppy will be full in about an hour. The shelves are very deep so I can go double stacks back to back. The shelf above that is for table cloths, table runners, fabric, etc.

I'm no Martha Stewart...... I just can't fold sheets with precision. Life's too short. I like the tub in here. It was in Brandon's closet before and he didn't want it in there anymore so it has been sitting in limbo for a week in my sunroom. How much of a mess can Braxy make in this little spot?

Ah, my very own shelf. I feel like I just won a prize. :)

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Giggles said...

Yeah!! I am working on my livingroom today. :)