Monday, April 27, 2009

Was It The Devil?

Let me down, let me down!! I want to run away again! As much as I chase that boy I should weigh 50 lbs.

So this weekend was full!! But I have a lingering question from Sunday. When my husband's friend who is a pastor (although currently not as a full time pastor) invited us to a Church that is pastored by yet another friend of both men my husband said yes to come. The pastor friend who invited us told my husband that he and his wife had been praying for our family for about a month now. He said he felt God compelling him to invite us to go to this Church so he obeyed and called up hubby. As a coinkidinky hubby has been struggling badly with wanting a relationship with God but having no clue as to how to do it. He says what works for me doesn't work for him. He hates reading & attending Church is a bore. He hates the singing part majorly & doesn't like the hand shaking thing. Okay, I must confess, I am a hater of the shake the neighbor's hand thing too. I am a little shy. So he has been struggling with finding a Church he can stomach with people who are "real". I did not think it a coincidence that Randy would call at the time. His cousin who is also a pastor has been calling at random to pray for him. A God thing? Anyhoo, when the friend finished inviting Mike & us he warned Mike. He told him that the devil would be messing with him all week so that we would not make it to Church. Mike told me about it and I was like "crap, just what we need.". So it was a hellacious week financially. Lots of ca ca. But Sunday morning, oh my.

I woke at 5:30 on Sunday a.m. Lately I have been doing that a lot. I feel compelled to get into the word early so I've learned that it is just God waking me up & getting me prepared for something. So I made my coffee and settled in for some awesome Church preachin on the TV. I watched all black church preaching that morning. I love black southern churches. I have no idea why we are separated sometimes other than that's just the way it used to be or that they just don't want to sit frozen like a lot of the white baptist churches do. But my oh my, I was sitting in my living room shoutin back to the TV, raising my hands and oh doggie those guys were fired up Sunday morning!! It was like on fire preachin! I should have known that God was getting me fired up for a reason..... To make it short I felt sure Satan himself came to visit our house around 8a.m. when everyone else woke up. I mean the Hell of it was just too much and Lord have mercy you don't even want to know. But we all got in the car, all six of us. We were all not speaking to each other & me in my oh so holy state didn't even care a hoot. We got to the Church and the friend was waiting for us. He said he'd been praying for us all morning. He said he just knew the devil was going to try his best to keep us from coming. It was a God thing and what the Lord has anointed the devil wants to destroy. He said the devil does not want Mike in Church.

Well the long of it was that it was awesome, my kids loved it and want to change churches. I loved it & felt like I was at home. AND, can you believe my hubby loved it too? He wants to go back on Wednesday night and go to the men's fellowship breakfast at Ryans next week. HOLY COW!!

But this was the question. People are always saying the devil, the devil. Yes, I know a third of all the angels were cast down and I'm thinking that was a lot. But there are a lot of us people here too. Could it really be that the devil or his cohorts were at my house and messing with us? Was that really it? It is scary to think that something evil was in my house making loving people act like fools. I mean FOOLS y'all. Well, I have to go, screaming baby and all. I guess I'll talk about it tomorrow. I am really confused as to what the heck was going on in my house all week not to mention Sunday morning. Any ideas?

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BECKY said...

Hi Jennifer, I believe your friend is right! I believe just what the Bible says, that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He doesn't have to mess with people that don't want to know God. He messes with the ones that do, or that he knows are moving in that direction. We do also have our flesh that wars against the things of God to contend with, but it can be and often is aided and abetted by the devil himself.

I have been a Christian for 21 years now, and have seen it all.
If I can answer any questions, please email me at

I'll be happy to try and answer!!

I will be praying for you and your family for sure!! How exciting that hubby loved it, too!! Can't wait to hear more!!

Blessings and joy,