Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Blogiversary to me!! 254 posts in one year

I can't believe it has been one year of blogging!! Since it was God Himself who told me to start a blog when I didn't even know what a blog was I thought I would take a look back at my very first post. (Giggles)

Boy was I messed up one year ago! I remember that first post like it was yesterday. Blogging has been very cathartic to me. God sure is a smarty, I am so glad he spoke it to me to start this thing. I thought I would post the link to my first post in case anybody wanted to see how pitiful I was a year ago, I can kinda laugh about it now. . Well, that was the first post. I thought I'd do a review of sorts.

1. I'm still in Church. In a different one though and just today hubby has a friend who is a youth pastor who called him to say he kept feeling compelled to call us to go with him to a new Church he has found. He thinks it is a perfect fit for both of us and he knows when the Holy Spirit is speaking so he called to invite us. We will be visiting the new place this Sunday.

2. The Shame Is Gone!! Satan you stupid liar, I hate you. I never had to be ashamed to begin with. I had only to rejoice with my Father that I was back and no longer gone.

3. My relationship with God is back. When I wrote that I feared it would never be the same I was right. God didn't take me back to the place that I missed with Him. He took me to a better place!!!!!!!!!! I love Him so much I cry typing this because my heart is so tender for His love. It's not the way it was, it's BETTER!!! Take that Satan.

4. Yes, I hear from God again. A lot. More than ever.

5. I thought I was a well learned Christian when I wrote that first post. Ha!! I've learned more since April 19, 2008 to today than in almost a whole lifetime of being a Christian. I say that with complete honesty. I can't believe when I think back all that God has taught me and shown me. Unbelievable. What he has shown me about peace, the importance of peace and how to have it. Wow. Do you know why the Bible talks about peace so much? For God to flow through you and in you there must be peace and unity. Not strife. Keeping you upset inhibits God from flowing in you. Joyce Meyers book Conflict Free Living was a real eye opener on that subject and helped interpret where God had me in the Bible. Walking in Faith, whew!! Boy he must have been glad when he was done with that one in me for awhile. This is a great post on what I learned on that. . Like Beth Moore says, where ever your mind is spewing worry, that is where you do not trust God. Thank you ma'am.

6. I finally learned what God's will is for me. That is posted a couple of posts down from this one. 2 I believe. Hip Hip hooray!!!

7. My business closed and I didn't die. I am filing for bankruptcy though but you know what? I have peace about it. So there to that one.

8. I am a much more positive person and have stopped trying to change who I am. I am sarcastic by nature, so what? (Note the sarcasm) Sarcastic people can love God too. I am funny sarcastic and have learned when to shut my mouth. I am a Joyce Meyers type personality and people love her right? I am what I am. So there to you too Satan on that issue. I'm sticking my tongue out to you old lying dog.

I'm happy today. I still have some major financial hurtles. Hubby's business is an up and down thing. It's all he knows and we either work for ourselves or we starve. God has provided and blessed us. I have total faith in Him. That wasn't easy to learn. I still need to lose weight too, God when am I going to wake up and see you made me skinny overnight? Hellooo? Okay, I'm kidding Lord, don't get mad.

I am also grateful to some beautiful blog ladies who never gave up on a depressed & sometimes hateful lady in Georgia who just needed to be heard and given some love and guidance. Thank heavens I don't have to do that anymore!! I love all y'all. I love God and most importantly I love love love not being depressed anymore!! Amen.

Happy One Year Anniversary my little blog. You are packed full of who I am in 254 posts. You are also highly under read, ahem. Thanks for letting me get to know you lovely ladies of blog world, I never would have made it without you.


Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

Happy Blogiversary Jenn! In the words of my 6yo daughter, "You Rock!"

ocean mommy said...

Happy blogiversary!!!!!!!
I'm so blessed to know you.

Giving God a hand clap for setting you free!!!

Love you so much!

kristen said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! I have been trying to start my blog for over a year . . . maybe I should stop reading everyone else's and then I would have time to work on my own! Oh well, I have been a loyal reader from the beginning . . . I think I stumbled across your blog from the Nesters? I can't really remember. But I so appreciate your honesty and your love of our Lord. You are an inspiration to me to never give up and that it takes work to find those answers we are searching for. God bless you!

Mrs. H. said...

Congratulations Jenn - on the year of blogging, but much more so for how far you have come in that year! :-) You are a blessing and example to so many! Happy blogiversary!

Tasha Simons said...

Happy Anniversary, Jenn! It's been great to keep in touch with you this way. I feel like I am a part of your daily life and I'm so thankful for that in earnest.

I love you!


Shanda said...

Happy Blogiversary!! Mine is coming up in a few months...amazing how much happens in our lives in just one year!! Praise God that He has led you beside still waters and restored your soul!!

Looking forward to "getting to know you" more!