Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Lord do I need to work out or WHAT? Shivers......

Anyhoo, last night was a wonderful blessing for me. Several things were going on all at once and it was really just overwhelming but in a good way. Once again I was reminded (why do I keep needing to be reminded of this? Why do I forget?) that the most wonderful basics of my faith never change. I change but the Word does not.

I need to keep my Lord in every single thing I do, say and think. Why do I not remember to involve Him consistently with the things that are in my life? Yes, I was reminded of the need to do that last night.

I need to pray more. I have slacked from praying like I used to, much to my shame. I read, study, & have little chats with God but my prayer life as a whole is not what it should be and I can feel the effects of that. Yes in deed I can. God has been nudging me on that one & I have repented. Why do I think I am too busy to pray? Lately my mind can't stay focused enough to pray like I used to. Once again I was reminded that I need to control my mind and not let my mind control me. Thank you Lord.

Lexie was in a car accident yesterday. A lady in the lane next to the car she was in with two other teenagers did not see them and she tried to move into their lane & hit them. Nobody was hurt but all were badly shaken. I am so grateful that our last words to each other as she left were "I love you." I was reminded that I have no guarantee that when one of us walks out our door to leave that we will also return. I am so grateful for my family. Why am I not praying more for safety for my children like I used to?

I was also reminded that if we want to feel good about ourselves we should do something nice for someone else. It works, truly it does. If we need to feel encouraged, encourage someone else. Last night I chatted with my husband & he needed some encouragement. He needed his Ezer to sustain him, to strengthen him. He needed me to help him carry on. (That is the kind of "help" we are to be!! Sustainers, a source of strength and the foundation of our homes, not servants and dishwashers. Oh, how I love this definition of woman.... Ezer Kenegdo. So glad I studied the Hebrew wording of how we got the words "help meet"!! Knowing my true purpose as a woman has meant the world to me.) But God has answered my prayers and continues to do so as I have asked the Lord to truly show me what it means to be an Ezer Kenegdo. I encouraged him with my words but still there was more to do. This morning I was up very early and as I put in my contact lenses I asked myself what I could do to lift his spirits and send him off encouraged. As I thought this I looked at my bathroom counter and it was a bit messy. Mike likes a clean bathroom and the counter clear of clutter. In 5 minutes everything was put away, the counters were spotless (I keep Lysol cleaning clothes under the counter.) and the floor was tidied. Yes, the very first place he would go this morning would be spotless and smell clean. I knew that would perk him up. I made coffee and purposefully spent my normal "computer time with my coffee" with him instead. I prayed hard for him and spent the morning feeding him some bread of life, God's word, and speaking positively about the future. He left happy people. Happy and hopeful. Yes, that is an Ezer at work. Thank you Lord!!! Yes, I can do that for my man. Guess what, I feel great now too! There is always hope in the Lord. There is always hope in service and helping others.

I was reminded that no matter what is happening, no matter how busy I am that I am NEVER too busy to call upon the Lord in all things. I need to keep my prayer time a priority. I need to keep thanking the Lord all day long. I need to be a strength and a sustainer and I can't do that if I am only focused on "me" and "my" issues or my busy little self. I need to take time for me of course, but not just me. I need to focus on each individual person in my home too and take the time to pray for each one of them, to talk to each one of them and encourage them each day. I need to not deplete myself or I cannot be a strength or a sustainer for them. Yes, I need to take better care of myself also. There is a truth in the following saying which is why it is so funny also: "If momma ain't happy, nobodies happy." Momma needs to keep herself maintained, groomed, fit, well fed on the word and prayed up! Hallelujah! I feel good Lord. You are so wonderful to me even though all my good deeds are as filthy rags, you love me, you love all of us so much!

I stood in the gap for my husband this morning and prayed hard for him. I cast his cares & anxieties on Jesus for him. Would you mind praying for him also? I would really love it if you would. I hope all of you have a wonderful day today!



Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

Glad to hear Lexie is okay. And thank you for being a wonderful example of a prayerful wife and mother. You're the best!

Mary Ellen

Deborah Ann said...

You have a sweet spirit - it shines through in your writing. Your blog is so friendly and warm...

Have a blessed week!

Tasha Simons said...

Sorry to hear about Lexie's accident. I'm sure she was scared. I'm so glad to hear how you were able to encourage Mike. Your marriage has flourished and thrived through the storms of life as it's built on a solid foundation: Christ. I will pray for Mike. Sounds like you are living in the Spirit and that's wonderful, Jenn. Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? I'm thankful for your growing relationship with the Lord. It's been amazing to see you live out your calling. Blessings, dear friend! Tasha

prashant said...

You have a sweet spirit

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