Monday, July 20, 2009

A Dream Come True

God is patient, I am not. That was the first lesson.

God gave me a desire but I had no clear vision of how to do it. Thankfully I didn't receive the desire and then go out and do something about it. In reading Lysa Ter Keurst's book "What Happens When Women Say Yes To God" and also in having her speak to me in an online conference about fulfilling God's will for your life I learned that when God gives you a clear direction he will open doors for you. She said often when God speaks something into your life he will have other godly people around you say things about that desire that are a confirmation of what he has placed into you. Doors will open and then you can step into His will. The period between the desire being given/vision shown and the time of the occurrence is supposed to be our time of preparation. Not the time of complaining to God why it is taking so long for what he spoke to happen. Preparation time.

So I've waited and been preparing. Waiting for a door to open. Waiting for confirmation. I got it on Saturday morning and then again on Saturday afternoon. I am so excited.

God placed a desire in my heart to lead a Bible Study group. That was in and about November/December. God has been teaching me and leading me in so much since November that I have blogged so many times about how He is making my head spin!! As soon as I am taking in something and learning to apply what I have learned boom, he's leading me onto more. It's like He was just pouring the word and teachings into me. It was my prep time.

Well, the previous Sunday the church bulletin stated that the men's breakfast would be this past Saturday (held once a month). It also stated at the breakfast they would be discussing the second retreat the men would be going away on. They went on one two months ago and have planned another one in Blue Ridge August 7-9. So I say to Mike, you know, we need a women's ministry here. I'd like to plan something for the women or maybe start a Bible study. I wasn't really thinking about it, I just said it.

Mike goes to the men's breakfast and brings up to all the leaders what I have said to him. They said they thought it was a great idea and they gave permission for me to plan a retreat/conference for the women. The Bible Study was brought up and they all loved the idea. Mike comes home and tells me this and I am overjoyed!! Finally a place to serve. Then we go look at the house I showed y'all Sunday.

Right after we looked at the house Mike had to go over to the pastor's home and help fix the brakes of a friend whose truck broke down at pastor's home. So the three of them are out there with Mike while he is fixing the car and they had a little meeting and I was given permission to go ahead with the Bible Study! Pastor said I can have bible study at the church if I want to every other Thursday evening. The men meet every other Thursday to pray and then go out and minister to people on the most wanted list (a list for members to list unsaved family/friends). So when Mike comes back and tells me it is official, I am overjoyed!!

An opened door.

I couldn't believe pastor didn't want to talk to me first. Mike said, he knows you and he knows you will do the right thing. Just stay true to the word. He says pastor says the women need someone to plan these things and if I have the desire I need to do it.

Sunday I talked to the Pastor at Church and he was excited about it. I asked him if he wanted to talk about it at all and he said no. He said to let me know what I had planned when I was done so he would know what was going on. He said, just do it with a big smile. Bible study, conference/retreat and all. Anything I want to plan for the women I can do as long as I just let him know. WOW!!!!!!!

Could this be any more exciting?

I am excited and scared. Which is probably quite normal from what I read and hear. But I am so thrilled!! I can't wait to get started. I can't wait to dig deeper and see what His will is in all of this. This is not about me, it's about what He can do through me. It's about him, His plans and I am just so awestruck that I can be such an instrumental part of His plan for the women of our Church and local area. Joy, joy, joy.


Danielle said...

Girl! That is awesome! I am excited for you! I will be praying that you be aware of the enemy when he strikes, especially now with this new undertaking. I will pray that God lead just the right women to you at the right time and that He will lead and guide you through it all.

Oh, this is so cool! What kind of bible study will you do? A study done by someone?

Tasha Simons said...

Great, Jenn! You might want to consider Beth Moore's Breaking Free. I've done all of her studies and it's my favorite. The church usually buys the DVDs for women's ministry so you would each just need to buy the book which is about $12.00. Anything you do will be great, but I just thought I'd suggest this one cause it was my favorite. You go girl!


Lisa said...

Congrats! Congrats! How exciting!

Danielle said...

Thank so much, Jenn for you words. They did not upset me in the least. I am so glad to be able to share it with others and have them pray for me.

You are so right about words/conversations already playing out in my mind! Ack! I have to keep telling myself to hush and be still... Let God have control.

Thanks, girl!