Saturday, June 20, 2009

Favorite Things & Random Stuff

Lately the posts have been deep. I don't feel deep today. I was thankful yesterday however for what I do have and have been blessed with. I took some random shots of some things I love about my home and I thought I'd post some of them. Now always but sometimes I read a blog regularly and wonder about where they live or what would their home be like. Not 'cause I'm a stalker but because I love to decorate and I just wonder about that stuff. Which is why I decided to post this today. We can get to know each other a little better....

This is Miss. Amber.
About once a month I am certain she has been kidnapped from our home while sleeping. Usually before I am about to dial 911 someone finds her. She likes to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and sleep in different places. So um, we found her in her 12 year old brother's closet with the doors closed a couple of days ago. I had the phone in my hand ready to dial.

I love this shelf over the window in my breakfast room turned playroom for Braxton. I have a great love of pretty roosters. He has a great dislike of my many roosters. One day Mike said... you have too many roosters in the kitchen. I disputed those blasphemous words. I woke up the next morning to this. He built this for me overnight and then decorated it too. What a man.
I love those trees too. When we built our home (all by ourselves) the neighbors were horrified about losing the wooded lot next to them. They had put windows in most of the side of their house and they would be looking right at us, lol. They planted a very long line of Leland Cypress trees so that is our view. He was a pastor and they were very wonderful neighbors.

I love these windows!! Truly I do. The whole back yard is wooded so it's like living in a tree house when you look outside. We got such a great deal on these, they were almost the price of regular windows. Couldn't pass them up and it truly feels like nature is all around us all the time. It was a 100 degrees here yesterday so I had to close the drapes somewhat.

I love him. I have my whole adult life wanted a pretty table like this. I got him for $250 from Interlude. Interlude is very very high end furnishing and decor. They are very well known in the decor world. The table was usually $500 wholesale but they were discontinuing it and they had it down to $250 wholesale. He was at my store until I had to close it. :( But now he is in my foyer :)

Did I mention I love roosters? This big bad boy is my favorite. I also love to drink my morning coffee out of that cute rooster mug. I have a pretty little arrangement of black and white rooster canisters with some cream canisters with a matching cream platter behind them in the back of the picture. I really like working over in that area because it's pretty. Another favorite thing? The chili pepper red fruit stand holding my bananas. It's from Southern Living at Home and I got it free from having a party. Yea!! I love it.

Chocolate cake and a Glade cinnamon candle. Need I say more?

I love it when you wear them out so much that they are too tired to even sit at the table. This was last night. We spent the day in the pool and doing a craft project involving Mod Podge for Father's Day. He was wore out!! Falling over in his chair. Of course there are a thousand crumbs on the floor now.... Can you see part of an eagle in the picture? That is my husband's revenge for all the roosters in the kitchen. He loves eagles, I don't.

I'm always catching Brandon hunting for salt or something he shouldn't be having. Caught ya!!
It was fun to walk around and snap pictures of things that make me smile. I think I took around 20 shots.
Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day,


sunnymama said...

Great pictures! The first one is so cute and funny :)

Lisa said...

That is too funny about your little girl...sleepwalking? Or just looking for a change of scenery.LOL I love the little shelf over your window. It's really cute with all your little treasures on top. Have a great weekend/Father's Day.