Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bible Study Anyone?

I was so excited last night at Church to learn that our women's Bible study would begin this September 17. YEA!!! We are going to meet every other Thursday at 6:30pm.

We are a small Church so no one wants to miss out on the Wed. night Bible study we all do. Monday night is corporate prayer. Friday nights are family night, date night and I don't know about the other 49 states but Varsity Football games are where it's at on Fridays here in Georgia. As a matter of fact, our first home game is this Friday so we will be there of course not to mention our oldest is a Varsity cheerleader. GO GRIZZLIES!!!! Then um, there's the whole tailgating thing. So Friday is out. The men meet every other Thursday and pray and go visit families and do some great things and then come back and chat and pray some more. So us ladies figure that we would meet on the Thursdays when the men don't and the men folk can watch our youngins & we can linger with Jesus if we like as well as the sweet tea and tasties without anyone pulling at our clothes saying "Let's go mommy!".

So God impressed upon my heart for me to do a Bible Study on "How To Discover God's Will For Your Life". I have written this study and it has just blessed me mightily.

I got to thinking today that maybe some of you would like to join me every other Friday starting September 18 to do this study as an online Bible study. I want to delay the online study by a day lest some of the Church ladies hop over on Thursday and get ahead of the study before we meet. I'd like to have their full attention and if they already know what I am going to discuss ahead of time that could get complicated.

What do you think? Would you like to join me for an online study on how to discover God's will for your life? If you would like to join in and receive hard copies of everything I write and some before the study begins questions that you really should answer and write down please send me your email address and I will email everything to you in hard copy also. I will email the study questions that should be answered before the study and all the hard copies of everything I have written for the study every other Friday. Of course your answers do not have to answered here, they are for you to look at where you are right now before the study and then reflect back on after the study. Then if you like, and I think you should, answer the questions again but with the new perspective of the study and I think you will see very different answers.

Would you like to see the before questions? The hard copies have lined spaces to answer the questions but that is really hard to do in blog form so I am just going to list the questions here, okay?

Discovering God’s Will for Our Lives

To begin our journey please answer questions 1 or 2 as they pertain to your life before we begin our first class.

1. You are a Christian who does not know your calling/God’s will for your life.

a. Why do you think you do not know His will for you?

b. Have you asked God to show you what His will is?

c. Have you asked & prayed for His will to be revealed to you but still you have no idea?

d. Do you really want to know His plans for you? Are you prepared to be willing & obedient to His plans? Are you afraid to know?

e. Do you love God? How do you show your love for Him?

f. Is it important to know the will of God? Do I really have a special purpose?


2. God has given you a word/vision about His plans for you but nothing much has happened to bring it into being.

a. Why do you think doors aren’t opening for you?

b. Did you try to make things happen on your own? Ex: Did you come up with plans and ideas to bring God’s plan into being & try to implement them?

c. Have you spent time in preparation for this particular thing?

d. Have you spent regular time in prayer concerning His plans for you?

e. Are you afraid of what God has shown you? Do you feel inadequate to do what He has asked or shown you?

f. Do you love God? How do you show your love for Him?

These are some extremely important questions that need a good hard & honest look at so we can begin our study knowing where our hearts and minds are in relation to where we think we stand with God & why we think we may not be living out His good and perfect plan for us.

Before this study is over all of these questions will be answered and you will have the knowledge of how to receive God’s will for your life! You will have the knowledge of how to live and receive what God has shown you!

Now, let’s begin!

September 18, Friday if anyone wants to join in. Let me know please!!



Heart2Heart said...

I would love to join in this study. You can email me at

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Danielle said...

Hey girl, this sounds great! I would love to do it, but can't promise I will be able to stick with it right off the bat. Alot going on right now, but send anyway!

Thanks for leaving the comments today. Glad you like the new banner. I actually liked it, too! Which, after staying up so late last night to finish it, I

♥luvin♥this♥life♥ said...

What an incredible Study! I am in the midst of writing a similiar one for Christian Military Wives, as it is easy for us to feel like we have been lost in all the hustle-bustle, pack up and move one whim lifestyle. I look forward to following up here to see how theis study is going! God bless!