Friday, August 29, 2008

A New Day

My husband suprised me with this for our Anniversary. It was in May. I just got around to taking a picture of it. The baby banged on the wall & one of the pictures fell off. I have to fix the glass. This is our foyer. I was impressed, he did such a sweet thing.

Workout Night At Church.

Last night was a brutal workout. We did 6 week body makover beach body edition. We were all convinced she was Satan in disguise, ha ha. I have never sweat so much in my life. We were all moaning & groaning so much it sounded like a recording of Hell I am sure. One funny moment came when one of the new ladies ( an invited guest who is a school teacher at our local elementary school) who does not attend our church made a funny comment. We were doing some particularly brutal squats & leg kick combinations & the lady was telling us to squeeze our booty's. She yells out "I don't have that many muscles in my ass.", then she remembers she is in a church & was slightly embarrassed. We all just laughed, it was funny. None of us are perfect, no judgement in that House of God. It was just funny & it helped get us through those squats.

Braxton spent last night doing what he loves most.... screaming & crying. Sigh.

This morning I spilled scalding hot coffee in my lap & down my legs. After a loud series of dammits I calmed down & now I have red burned legs that hurt. I am off to another lovely day. I really like this part of the day, it is 11am. Anything can happen right now. I can have an awesome day, the possibilities are all still there. Business wise anything can happen too. I have only been open an hour. I could do hundreds, or I could do $20 and find myself pleading with God again. The point is that everyday still I spend the early part of the day not struggling. This is an improvement for me. Atleast for a quarter of the day I am hopeful. I am trying to put out the positive vibes today. Where is God, he is here with me, He just isn't talking right now. What more am I supposed to do? I have spent the last 16 years battling it out.... I guess I can keep on going. I have learned so much lately, how much more am I supposed to learn before I can come up out of my pit?

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