Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Destructo

Oh that Braxton...... he is Mr. Destructo. He loves to push over his tool bench and anything else he can knock over. If I put his blocks in a bin he dumps them out. Do you know what he did last night while Amber was painting my toe nails? He tee peed my bedroom. That's right, he rolled us. In other words he got a roll of toilet paper and strung the paper everywhere. Sigh. Then he sauntered into the bathroom and poured out my $20 bottle of "Rock Star" stuff for my hair and emptied a $4 bottle of eye makeup remover all over my toothbrush. The only reason I knew about the toothbrush was because when I went to brush my teeth I got a taste of the most foul stuff you can imagine and spat and rinsed as quickly as possible. Saw the empty bottle in the trash. Oh, that Braxton. My hubby was with his mistress "the computer" whilst this was happening..... men. He also had some fun emptying a box of tampons and sticking feminine napkins all over the bathroom floor in my son's bathroom. He was like.... what are these? Y'all know how expensive those tampons and feminine stuff are...... boy that made me mad.
Right now he is watching Blue's Clues and talking to the TV. Mom has a therapist downstairs and Brandon keeps trying to get me to answer all of his Bible classwork questions. Busy day.
Tomorrow is Lexi's prom day. That should be a really busy day getting her all done up. I am doing her hair.... I can do a killer blow dry and killer up do's or anything doing spiral curls with the curling iron. I am so glad I have at least one mad skill. I can't do my own hair but sit down and let me blow you dry and unleash my curling iron on you and you'll look like a star! I can't wait to take some photos. She is back together with her boyfriend..... not to happy about that but it's her life. She has to start making her own decisions as she will be going off to college in a year.

You know yesterday I realized I have been so busy running around lately that I haven't been reading my Bible or doing my Bible in a Year pages on Shame on me. Then much to my horror I realized I haven't hardly been praying either. Just little shout outs here and there. Sheesh, why do we do that? We know better, I say we because all of us fall into that trap. We're rolling great with God and then the next thing you know it's been a week or two since you even acknowledged Him. Boy, I just don't know how it is so easy to lose focus. So I read 6 or 7 Chapters last night and then fell asleep so I still didn't pray. I need to pray more. I used to pray the whole way to work but I had to close my store so now I work at home. I think I just need to find a new rhythm. I am just dying to move forward, definitely can't do that without Him. It's like planning a wedding and not even having a fiance. Dumb. It's been a real crazy week. Very hectic. Do you ever feel like you have 10,000 things to do every single day and you just can't keep up? I am very overwhelmed, I think that is because I am operating relying on myself right now as I have not had God first lately. I am not resting in Him. I need to get back to resting in Him. I need my peace back. I think my kids would like that too, mommy has been testy the last two days. I'm only human.
So the man forgot prom was tomorrow and planned to do some major work in the garage finishing it off so he can move his office in there. 2 fo his guys are coming over and it's going to take all day to finish it off. Okay so I have to do Lexi's hair for about an hour or a little more and her makeup so I hope he plans on watching Braxy while I get her ready. Would it be unlady like of me to threaten to stick my curling iron somewhere if he doesn't watch him? Hmmmm..... let's hope not. I have a feeling he will pull through. Lately my tool belt cowboy has been making unusual strides to be sweet and kind and thoughtful. I'm not gonna complain one bit. It's a nice change and I'll gladly take it. Well, I should go now. I hear Braxton throwing things again.... oh, I forgot to mention that he dumped his cereal all over the floor again, just for fun and flung his gold fish crackers across the living room too. Oh, that Braxton. Two year olds are just the best.

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