Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Pageant

The Queen of Diamonds pageant was Saturday and can you believe I forgot my camera? What a dummy. It was very interesting....... I don't know that I will ever let her do it again. I didn't realize they had to parade around the stage and do little turns several times. I've never been to a pageant before as I am anti beauty pageant. The girls look terrified when they were doing their little catwalks and I just couldn't imagine why people would willingly subject themselves to such scrutiny of their bodies. Yuk. But I said just because it's not for me and I don't like it doesn't mean it's not enriching to somebody else but truly I just can't imagine why women do that to themselves. So when the judges picked the top 10 I noticed they picked the 10 girls who were the most confident and didn't look terrified, they were not the 10 prettiest. So I had to give the judges some major credit there. All in all it was a good show and it raised a lot of money for the baseball program so that was a good thing. I wished I had taken my camera. Lexi got lots of compliments on her dress so she was happy. Lexi was one of the girls who looked scared to death so she didn't make the top 10, I was sad for her. She seemed fine though and she did get a week's worth of fun and rehearsals out of it so that was a good experience for her.

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