Friday, March 20, 2009

She Speaks Conference 2009

Can I just say how badly I want to attend this conference? Y'all know how I occasionally post those daily devotionals from that I always encourage you to sign up for.... Well, those devotionals are from these ladies!!! How many times have I looked in my Inbox to see an "Encouragement for Today" waiting for me and it was just what I needed to see? How many times were the words like a healing balm to my soul? The message music to my lowly spirit? I can't begin to count them..... I save almost every one of them, because they have saved me. I have sat many times in front of my computer screen shaking my head at how God uses these ladies and I wonder if they even know the countless ways they have blessed me and so many others. My husband enjoys their devotionals too and they have made an impact on his life too. Would you like to go spend some time with some fantastic people who love God? Of course you do! All of the information about She Speaks is here . If attending this wonderful conference wasn't enough motivation to get you to sign up how about this, THE NESTER IS SPEAKING!!!! Isn't she just the coolest person ever? If I ever met her in person I would probably gush uncontrollably 'cause I like to stalk her blog.
If you are like me and you are dying to go but have no money fear not. They are offering a scholarship you can enter here so that you can go for FREE. How wonderful is that? It is going to be in Concord, North Carolina by the way.... since I am a North Georgia girl it's not too far of a drive for me. She Speaks is going to be full of wonderful information for bloggers, writers, speakers and ladies who want to begin to lead Bible studies & ministries or improve what they are already doing. These women bless my socks off via Internet so I can't imagine what would happen with the power of God flowing person to person.

I am entering for the scholarship not just because I want to go, cause I really really do. But I have in the last year really felt very compelled to begin a Bible Study group and also to work with teens. It is something God has been stirring in me and preparing me to do. I am scared to death. I am completely at a loss at how to even begin to do this. But, I know with much prayer God will guide me in this avenue. The urge has been stronger and stronger that the time is quickly arriving for me to do this. I can't explain it but I know I'm not supposed to do it just yet, which is really fine with me because I have never lead a Bible Study and I don't know where or who would I ask to do this with me. We have recently changed churches because my husband wanted to start going to Church with us and he wanted to go to one he had friends at. So I am really still just getting to know my way around our new Church home. Our new Church has a great many members suffering from layoffs and are tormented with stress and uncertainty. Ding ding ding.... bells are going off in my head there recently due to that. For almost 2 years now my family has had to deal with the horrors of being laid off and the financial disaster resulting. Those two years were the best two years of my life spiritually and if I could take them back and live my old comfortable way of life again I would not. What God has done in me in the last 12 months particularly is just incredible and I do not think I have words to express all He has taught me and shown me. I think I could sum a good deal of it up in this post (the first part of that post is my garage remodel but just skip that part) and the the encore presentation by God in this post . That God, He's a real hoot. So I guess what I am saying is that God has been working great things in me and transforming me all of which has been so painfully blogged about from my very first post. I'm so grateful for what He has been working in me and the peace, oh sweet blessed peace, that He has given me that I simply must be able to share this with others. But how? I saw this conference through the Nesting Place Blog and looked into it and gee, there they are showing us how to lead others or improve our roles. That's what I need because I know I am supposed to be doing this but I have no idea how. I have been though so much and endured so much but I have no idea what to do with it..... I have been a Christian who battled with depression and let me tell you, there are very little resources to help depressed Christians. Surely I can use my experiences to help somebody. Now, I wasn't diagnosed as depressed or anything but ( ha ha) if you just read the first couple of this posts when I started this blog you would say to yourself, "This woman needs help". Layoffs stink and they can mess you up real quick let me tell you. So if I do get to go I am hoping to learn more and become more confident about leading a Bible Study or whatever else God wants to do with me. How exciting! I also want to go because I love reading my devotionals from Proverbs 31 Ministries and their blogs and it would be nice to see these ladies in person and who knows..... maybe even say a thank you in person. They have helped change my life and who knows maybe even transform the future?


Tasha Simons said...

I hope it works for you to go. Sounds really fun!

seesawfaith said...

I really connected with several things you mentioned in your post. First...Yay you for teen ministry! It has been the most frustrating, aggrivating, moving, enriching, depressing, fun and excitng growth time of my life. Teens today need so badly to have someone lead them to an everlasting Love, and if God is calling you to it, girl, GO!

I am just now stepping into adult women's and married life ministry. I am shakin' in my boots! Teens are easy for me. I have been doing it for awhile but the fit was there all along (and I have an AMAZING YP and his wife who have helped grow and groom me). BUT! Women's ministry and married life ministry are very intimidating for me! God is definately seeing how willing I am to follow him. Good thing I trust where I can not see! :)

You will do amazing things for God. I can see your passion just in this one post. I firmly believe that EVERY life story is written to glorify God, even the not-so-pretty ones (and we all have a few of those in our pocket, huh?)

Good luck on the contest!

Miss Sandy said...

Blessings on your being able to attend the conference. May the Lord Equip you for the ministry desire He has placed in your heart.

Mrs. Naz of All That Naz & Becoming Me said...

what a lovely blog you have and I love your heart for ministry.

AP said...

I also enjoy their daily emails, amazing women!!
wow amazing a bible study for teens, much needed these days!! I know if He has called you to it He will lay exactly on your heart what needs to be said and done to reach these teens.

lisasmith said...

I save almost all those devotionals too!! Sure hope to meet you there!

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

I'm laughing about your husband loves the devotionals too though he probably wouldn't admit it :-)

Praying for your dreams & good luck in the contest!

Anonymous said...
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