Friday, December 12, 2008

Booger Heads

Every morning Braxton gets out of his crib, gets a diaper change & then goes in to Big Brother's room to wake him up. A cute site. Braxton will throw off all the blankets & pillows as Brandon struggles to keep at least one blankie. Then they watch Disney until I make them get up. Oh the joys of the mornings....
I am feeling so blessed & honored right now. I am so honored that God has helped my family. I must confess that I am a little scared that it will all end. But, I think that is probably normal so I am not beating myself up too much about that. Oh, what if it all continues? What then? Happiness maybe? The ability to relax my hunched uptight shoulders & neck? That sounds so wonderful!!!!!! I am so dumbfounded by the volume of Internet orders that have come in for the month of December. Yes, I know it's Christmas. But it's all new for me as my online store is only a few months old & it's not very savvy. I was broke when I created it & it's actually helping me catch up!! YES!!
I spent some quiet time this morning reading in 1st Corinthians as I have been busy in the store & it has been hard to do my daily reading at work. I don't ever want to become too busy to stay immersed in God again. Lord, I need him too much to do that. But somehow it is always easy to forget about God when we don't need him so much isn't it. Especially the voice that tells us to stop & pray for someone we haven't thought of for so long or seen. When we feel prompted to call someone but don't. I don't want to become deaf to God using me. She sh, I am just riding high right now..... I sure hope that's okay. How glorious it is to rise up out of this valley I have been in.
F.Y.I.... I got my hair done last night & DANG.... I'm looking good today!!!!!!!! Even though my dumb husband didn't make a comment about it. DORK.

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Tasha Simons said...

Awesome picture! They sure look adorable. So glad to hear business has picked up. Praise the Lord!