Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy Girl

Whew!! I cannot believe it has been several days since I have been here. I am so busy at the store I have no time. Can you believe I just said that?
So it is really busy & I still can hardly believe it. Internet orders are streaming in..... by the grace of God I am certain. Customers are pouring in...... also by the grace of God. I am so grateful. I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am to God, to the people that come in here & buy from me. I love my little shop so much. This shop is ME, all of me is in it. While there are lots more decorating touches I would love to have in here I will just have to add them one touch at a time. How thrilling it is to watch & see God move in my life & my family's. I mean, this is really HUGE to me. How does He do what He does? How can He pay such attention to each one of us? I am still giddy, sometimes I just start laughing when I think about it. It is so awesome. The other thing I am thrilled about is that hubby is employing 5 guys. That's five families who did not have provision & now do because of God's blessing. I have always prayed for God to bless him to be a blessing to others & He has!! WOW!! I just can't get over it..... what could be more wonderful than God paying such close attention to you?

I have been thinking hard about what was the turning point for us.... what happened to suddenly out of the blink of an eye make everything just start jumping for us. It was like everything went poopy to beautiful in an instant. I am going to go back in time in the blog to see when everything began to turn for us. I do know that things were still dire when my friend Tasha came to visit. After she left it was like things just exploded for us. I remember her telling me she felt like it was a God thing that she come to visit me. She was a real blessing to me, I can tell you that.
Y'all my tree just got into the house last night... it has been sitting outside in a pot of water since December 3. It is still naked. I wanted so much to take part in the garland show & tell over at the Nesting Place on Wednesday. Are you kidding me? My junk is still in the attic..... I will not complain one bit..... back in June or July I thought we'd be homeless. God, it is so good to come out of this season of pain & despair. I am laughing again, I am learning happiness again. Hope is a wonderful resource to use, Faith activates our blessings. It is hard to grab on to it when you are desperate but I have learned to do that through several people God has placed in my life to show me things.
My mom was put into the hospital yesterday. Today they transferred her to Piedmont in Atlanta. Her heart sped up in ambulance ride to Piedmont & they wanted to detour to Kennestone Hospital but my mom was adamant they take her to Piedmont. They are some of the best heart doctors in the country, good choice mom. They turned on their lights & sped her over to Piedmont. I guess it was the stress of the ride, she is okay now. I hope. She is in her room resting. She is having breathing problems & her heart is starting to have fluid build up around it. I am worried for her, her Dad died on my fourteenth birthday. December 21, 1984. I'm like "Mom, no way are you going to croak around my birthday". She laughs. She suffers so much but she loves her life with my kids so much too. My 9 year old is her best friend. They do everything together. I don't want to see her suffer but I don't want her to go....... Please pray for healing for my mom. She is the most gentle & beautiful soul.


Anonymous said...

I love your Mom. She's my Mom, too, in a way. I just love her. I am so sorry that she is having health issues. I will pray for her. If you think she'd like me to call, I'd be glad to. I don't want to wipe her out so let me know if it's not a good idea to call. We got the wall hanging and we absolutely LOVE it. Also, Abby's birthday gift arrived in time for the family celebration which was Sunday. They celebrated at the Pines, or lake house. I'm sooo happy for you, Jenn. I share your joy and I share your pain. I'm in this with you for life... I mean, we will always be childhood friends and it's a history that we share that bonds us for life. God bless you, Jennifer. Love, Tasha

Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

Sending prayers for your Mom.

Sidney (Sixy Mama) said...

I hope your mom is doing better now. My mother went through the same thing on Thanksgiving night...congestive heart failure. She was in the hospital and is now back to work. She had not been to the doctor in 42 years! So I'm thankful that there wasn't more wrong with her.

Keeping you guys in my prayers....