Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun

This was the best moment of gift giving. Mike bought Lexi a car. We wrapped the key chain in a box that she is holding. She unwrapped it & rushed outside. She is just seeing it. That was a great moment. She can't believe it!!

Once Braxton saw this little tractor he was done. It's still in the box & he just got on & started scooting it around the house. What a hoot he was. He was screaming & laughing.

Here is Amber completely entrenched in the splendor of unwrapping her presents.

Brandon & Amber have scattered boxes & paper everywhere! He is quite happy with his loot.

I just saw this picture about 5 minutes. It is such a hoot I had to put it in. I just unwrapped a gift from my hubby. A 3 and a half hour trip to the day spa for a facial, Swedish massage, a pedicure & a manicure. I have always always wanted to go to a spa. Mercy me, can you tell how excited I was?

So Christmas was completely wonderful. My husband has forgiven my Dad & they have made up. I unfortunately have NOT. Is my husband smoking crack? I'm not talking to my dad, I want him long gone. Will be prayerfully working that one out..... But the last two days have been great. We kept hubby busy, he didn't have any time to worry about his side of the family. We all ate & napped & played ourselves crazy. I have never napped so much in my life as the last two days. The baby too. It has been glorious. My husband, Brandon and I had a wonderful time playing the Wii Guitar Hero band game. Brandon was on the drums, Mike played the guitar & I had vocals. It was a total BLAST!!! We couldn't stop playing it!!!!!! Ah, good times.

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