Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Rooster Fettish

I am convinced this beautiful rooster arrangement would look fabulous in my kitchen on the bar.

I love my roosters. My husband doesn't love roosters & to appease him I had to let him have a couple of eagles (yuck) around the house. My kitchen/breakfast area which is now the baby's playroom has a French Country feel which of course means ROOSTERS!!! I can't stand to walk by this little guy and not take him home with me. But alas, he is $149 & I don't need to bringing anything home from the store. I have black granite countertops with specks of green & gold throughout. Oohh, I want him so bad. I just know he would be wonderful. I hope somebody buys him soon so I can quit salivating over it.

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Mary Ellen (Carolina Momma) said...

I LOVE that arrangement! I like roosters too.